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The High Realm of Stormark

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Fellow Stormarkians, People of Riskai-Nidarosia, friends,


Standing as we do on the threshold of an Imperial Chancellor election in which the subject of imperial colonies has been raised, it is surely timely for us to examine the present situation and future direction of Riskai-Nidarosia.


The preceeding twelve months have seen an end to the separate existence of three long-established subdivisions, namely Nidaros, Dún Gail Dara and finally Treisenberg, a worrying trend that can only emphasise the lack of constructive activity in the Grand Duchy. Given the long absence of the Grand Duke, the message here is clearly for Riskai-Nidarosia to reinvent itself or follow these illustrious names into the dark sepulchres of historical record. However, there are other compelling, if rather less visible, reasons for reform, not least the disturbing fact that much of Riska-Nidarosia's identity and structure relates to a wider socio-political context that simply no longer exists. For example, the basic laws of the Grand Duchy, themselves modelled in no small degree upon the Fundamental Laws of the Kingdom of Greater Sangun, are unlikely to be fully compatible with recent legislation concerning the subdivisions of the Viking Empire. Nor does the decree naming the former Pope of Stormark head of a presumably autonomus 'sub-papacy' in Riskai-Nidarosia adequately acknowledge the recent resignation of the pontiff in question, much less the Viking Emperor's subsequent revocation of the original warrant governing the Church of Stormark.


The bitter truth is that Riskai-Nidarosia faces challenges far more wide-ranging and fundamental than the unfortunate absence of its founder and ruler, so much so that as designated heir to the throne I believe it is my solemn duty to state baldly that without a major reinvention the Grand Duchy is unlikely to survive as a viable or even desirable entity.


As such, I wish to take the liberty of proposing the following changes:


1. The opening of negotiations with the Viking Emperor with a view to re-establishing the Grand Duchy as an autonomous country;


2. The promulgation of a new set of fundamental laws bringing the Grand Duchy into line with current laws concerning subdivisions;


3. The comprehensive reconstruction of the Grand Duchy and its institutions with a view to removing unnecessary complications and redundant structures, whilst preserving the true spirit of the realm as established by the Grand Duke Carl Magnus III.


It is my fervent belief that substantial action now can and will save the Grand Duchy, but to shy away from this task will inevitable consign the proud efforts of the past to the trashcan of history.


Antoku, Archduke of Riskai-Nidarosia

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It surprises me, as I have always considered this subdivision as part of the Stormarkian Church. You're never to old to learn, isn't it? :P

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To be brutally honest, I have never been entirely clear about the exact reason for Riskai-Nidarosia's creation! However, my understanding is that the Grand Duchy has its origins in the temperoral possessions granted to the former head of the Nidarosian Church, Carl Magnus Bernadotte...which I must say is rather hard to reconcile with the later establishment of a separate Riskai-Nidarosian Church under the then head of the Church of Stormark, or indeed with the fact that Nidaros itself no longer even exists...


This is exactly why I feel the moment has come to 'bite on the bullet' and talk in terms of a major reinvention of the subdivision.

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Indeed, Carl Magnus was interested in creating a separate Nidarosian Church, under his papacy (a rather pre-Vatican II style church and papacy). Especially after our brief falling out over church matters, the Grand Duchy was set up to appease his establishment of the Nidarosian church, and to prevent further rebellion which came in the wake of the brief regency of Lady Astrid. In the end, he passed the Church onto me (which I never really acknowledged, in reality, and never seemed to be legal to me) and thus you get Riskai-Nidarosia. I agree with the idea of reform since the original purpose seems to have evaporated.

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I am greatly encouraged by the support I have received thus far, for which I thank you.


To be honest, I have put off taking this step for some time, out of respect for Carl Magnus: since I have myself been out of contact for long periods, I had not feel it appropriate to invoke my rights as heir-designate in consequence of his absence!


I agree with the idea of reform since the original purpose seems to have evaporated.


In my thinking, there are two types of micronational state. The first type is created for an explicit or implicit purpose, and usually with a particular goal in mind, be that the exploration of a cultural theme or simply the development of a certain form of government. Then there are those states which seem to just come into being, and which I might term 'accidents of history'. My own Principality of Rossheim is a case in point: having begun life as a minor peerage dignity, it then became associated with a regional governorship before developing into a constituent state of the United Principalities of Treisenberg, and subsequently acquiring full sovereignty when Treisenberg became an autnomous country. The key here is that Rossheim's sovereignty is based entirely on progressive recognition by external parties resulting from events largely outside my control; I certainly never woke up one morning with the idea of establishing such a state.


To some extent, I feel that Riskai-Nidarosia is another of these 'accidents of history', in the sense that it has inexpicably managed to outgrow its original purpose (largely because people were looking the other way, I fear!). The end result is an imperial colony that to a significant degree is set up as, and acts as if it was, a fully sovereign state.




Anyway, to business. Having given the matter some considerable thought over the last few days, this is my current proposal:


* This subdivision be re-created as an autonomous country within Stormark, subject to those laws governing such entities, named simply the Grand Duchy of Riskai and centred upon the city of that name (quite frankly I was always rather confused with the sheer multiplicity of titles associated with this state);


* The political structures be revised and reworked to dispense with overcomplexity, redundant features and to bring the state closer into line with general practice whilst still recognising the unique nature of its heritage.

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