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The High Realm of Stormark

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That would be a sad event. :(


If neither the Prince-Duke, or the King Antoku as heir, were not able to take upon the throne, I'd be willing to take it up to save it. But, I pray, this is another example of busy lives and not total abandonment.

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The issue of activity came up some months ago, at which time the reigning Grand Duke did reaffirm his intention to continue to rule. In consequence of this, exacerbated by my own absence, I have not seen fit to press my claims as heir-designate.


However, it cannot be denied that Riskai has seen a dearth of activity for a very extended period of time now, and with that in mind I would suggest that the questions raised in this regard are justified. I would suggest that if the Imperial Government is concerned about the situation, then the time has come to contact the Grand Duke directly, and should no reply be forthcoming, then make provision for alternative arrangments.

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