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The High Realm of Stormark
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Gareth Shanks

Just a little Questions guys.

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I guessed so, but i just wanted to be sure, i would like to request a coat of arms please. I'm no expert on coats of arms but i would like the shield to have a dark green strip on the left hand side a white srtip down the middle and a dark blue strip on the right hand side, i would like a black kings crown (So no deoration or colour at all) above the shield with a spear and a halbeard (sp?) as the supports And a black cross (Just like the crown, no colour at all please) above the crown.


I hope i've done this right.


Thanks you.

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How did you find this forum?





I was browsing a site about Micro-nations, And this was a link on said site. But as ive been browsing the site i've found out it wasnt what i throught it was, so i'm sorry about that. I thought that it was just a site for coat of arms, but clearly not.

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