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High King Harald

Flashers pester nudists

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Nudists at open beach Huk in Oslo are being increasingly harassed by photographers, flashers and vulgar requests and police have had to respond several times this summer.


"I don't go to Huk any more," says a 52-year-old woman who wishes to remain anonymous. She had to call police after feeling threatened by a man on the beach.


"He stood in my way when I was about to go past him on a path. He wanted to talk to me, and while he did, he sat down and fingered his penis. He was very threatening," the woman said. The man had a criminal record, including violent assaults on women.


The woman has had several unpleasant episodes involving men at Huk.


Nudist Trond Hegstad believes those who abuse the beach are lonely individuals who are outcasts.


Police have had to respond to a series of complaints from nearby residents and nudists. Oslo's Nudist Society began receiving complaints as early as the spring.


ONS board chairman Johannes Vinnes says that number of complaints is increasing.


As a result of Peeping Toms hiding in vegetation near the nudist beach, Oslo's Agency of Outdoor Recreation and Nature Management has removed several bushes, Vinnes said, but complaints continue.


"There are flashers, solicitations and activities we do not want. The way they try to pick people up is unacceptable, it is direct and vulgar," Vinnes said. "We have no influence over who can be on the beach. We have no way to chase people off."


There have been reports of flashers at the border of the beach, who expose themselves to passersby. Voyeurs and sneak photography with mobile phones is another problem.


"There are men who sit and masturbate. That isn't very pleasant. And then there are voyeurs, who sit fully dressed," said a woman nudist. She has also seen a male nudist throwing a mobile phone into the water - photography is banned on the beach.


"The worst is when people start to point and make comments about people. Some times I get so angry I go over and tell them that such behavior just isn't on," nudist Finn Hansen said.



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Good Evening To You, My Gentle Friends,


Moi Of No Opinions has a tiny thought . . .




( * LOL! * ) . . .


( * Don't pay me any mind . . . I am picking myself up off the floor again, from laughing so hard . . . * ) . . .


( * Wipes eyes gently with a tissue . . . Oh Dear, I haven't laughed like this for awhile . . . at least from the last time - ahem! * ) . . . .


Even though the story is somewhat amusing ( * After I have dried my eyes, and composed myself - with difficulty - Oh Dear * ) . . .


Now, I shall continue . . . Even though the story is somewhat amusing, it does give favour to the Opinion that EVERYONE has rights, regardless of whether they are Nudists, Photographers, Reporters, ( * And yes, Even Idiots Who Behave Badly * ) . . .


However, My Gentle Friends, we must not jump to conclusions . . .


NOW, we must remember that ALL of us are more or less of the same fashioning . . . we live, we breathe, we eat, we sleep, and so forth, even though the conditions by which we perform these tasks is diffierent . . .


SO, we must not judge others for their right to wear (or not to wear) clothes, whether they are well-to-do or impoverished, whether they reside in mansions or on the city streets, whether they are childless by choice or have fifteen children because they have no knowledge of birth control . . .


In essence, My Gentle Friends, we must be totally tolerant of everyone's circumstances . . .


Have an absolutely splendiferous evening . . . forthwith . . .

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