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Galinn Karisson

Press Office of the Attorney General

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The Matter of Æsileif Geirbjörgsdottir



No child is illegitimate in Stormark.




1. On 2 November 2009, the stateless person of Æsileif Geirbjörgsdottir appeared before the office of the Attorney-General to inquire whether she is illegitimate under Stormarkian law.


2. All persons, regardless of nationality or other status (1), have the same right to possession and inheritance of property (2) it can be construed that no illegitimacy exists under the law of the Viking Empire. ÆG, however, claims to be the child of the Sovereign Viking Emperor, and the Sovereign Viking Emperor accepts this claim to be valid.


3. Being the child of a noble (that is, the Emperor), ÆG may derive noble status from that (3). The Emperor's Code speaks of a Code of the Peerage, which is not part of the collection of laws of the Empire, as far as I can see, but said Code speaks that illegitimate children may be legitimized by imperial decree.


4. However, the Instrument of Rights and Liberties weighs heavier than the Code of the Peerage, which is, to my understanding and research, an organizational charter granted from the Emperor to the Peers of Stormark. But, as Peerage is conferred by the personalization of the State, the Emperor, peerage is to be governed under the principles of Stormarks Riges Grundlov. Thus, it may not, contradict the principles of equality in the Instrument of Rights and Liberties.


5. The Law of Ettlingar Freyu speaks of the House adopting children of existing members of the House, even foreigners, to the House itself. As the child, but not as a long-standing member of Stormark's citizenry (which ÆG) is not, she may be admitted to the House, but that is up to the Emperor.


6. There is no such thing as an illegitimate child in Stormark.




Arviður Andelárjunarbróðir

Attorney-General of the Viking Empire of Stormark




1.Instrument of Rights and Liberties (IR&L): LIX


3.Emperor's Code: XXVIII (B)

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