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The High Realm of Stormark
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Cashmaiel Andelarion

Petition re. Chloe Haldarsvik

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Your Most Imperial and Most Royal Majesty,


Now comes the Office of the Chairman of the Senate of the Lakes through Senator Andelarion with a petition concerning Senator Chloe Haldarsvik. Senator Haldarsvik was admitted to the Senate of the Lakes on 15 August 2006 at the same time as her mother, Empress Asa.


Senator Haldarsvik is in Althingi Stormark known as HMI&MRH Viking Princess Chloe and in Yr Ymerodraeth Ynysoedd yr Haul HRH Crown Princess Chloe.


Senator Haldarsvik has not been present in Hurmu ever. However, two messages have been posted by her in the other forums of the Empire. Her latest activity was on 18 October 2007. The Office is of the opinion that she is an absentee.


The Storlaw says:


Chapter 4

Absence and Death


1. An absentee is a person who, while he had his domicile in Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, ceased to appear there without advising anyone, and of whom it is unknown whether he is still alive.


2. An absentee is presumed to be alive for six months following his disappearance, unless proof of his death is made before then.


3. A declaratory judgment of death may be pronounced by the Fimmtardómur on the application of any interested person upon expiration of the delay prescribed by the precedent section.


4. A declaratory judgment of death produces the same effects as death: the human being indicated therein shall cease to exist as a person.


And the Riges Grundlov stipulates that, as Senator Haldarsvik is a member of the House of Ettlingar Freyu, the Fimmtardómur may not declare judgment upon her, but rather it would be Your Majesty who would do so.


Furthermore, Hurmu is an autonomous country of Stormark and because of lacking its own codes of civil, penal and criminal law, Imperial Law takes precedence. Therefore is this petitioned filed.


Petition reads:


THAT Senator Haldarsvik is declared legally dead in the whole of the Empire, including Althingi Stormark, Autonomous Stormark and Colonial Stormark.





On behalf of the Office of Chairman of the Senate of the Lakes of Hurmu

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Dura lex, sed lex.

I was introduced to the Hurmu Senate as an advocate for Princess Chloe. She will be in my heart forever.


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