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The High Realm of Stormark
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Cashmaiel Andelarion

Bill amending the Royal Constitution

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Fellow citizens of the Land,


I propose the following bill to amend the Royal Constitution of Dún Gail Dara




Cashmaiel Andelarion





WE, your Majesty's most loyal subjects, do humbly beseech that it may be enacted, and be enacted, by the High Queen's most Sacred Majesty, with the advice and consent of the good people of Dún Gail Dara in Oireachtas assembled, as follows:




Article 1

In Part II, §1, of the Royal Constitution, "Ard-Ri" is subsituted by "Ard-Ríon".


Article 2

Part II, §4, of the Royal Constitution is amended to read:


"4. The Eternal Realm of Dún Gail Dara is the successor in all cases and instances to the Kingdom of Celtica; the Harp-Longships Treaty with the Viking Empire of Stormark ("Stormark") remains an absolute law and integral part of the constitutional law of the Realm. The said Treaty is the foundation of the Realm’s status as an autonomous country of Stormark. The Realm thus agrees to adhere to two high laws of Stormark, them being the Instrument of Rights and Liberties and the Law on Administrative Subdivisions. These two laws shall also form part of the constitutional law of Dún Gail Dara."


Article 3

Part II, §7, of the Royal Constitution, "Ard-Ri" is subsituted by "Ard-Ríon".


Article 4

Part III of the Royal Constitution is amended to read:


"Part III


1.The Ard-Ríon of Dún Gail Dara, who also may be known as High Queen, is the head of the Eternal Realm. She shall be treated with the same respect, honour and legal protection as any other head of a free, sovereign and civilized state. She is afforded the style of "Most Sacred Majesty".


2.Subject to constitutional law, the word of the High Queen is law. Decrees made under her sacred hand may only be amended or repealed by the same power. However, no decree may violate constitutional law or any law passed by the Oireachtas and enacted by the High Queen.


3a. A Tánaiste (successor) shall be appointed by the Monarch before the end of his or her reign. The Tánaiste fills in for the Monarch during a period of extended absence. Subject to those limitations imposed by Royal Decree, the Tánaiste shall be vested with all the executive powers of the Monarch but may not repeal or amend Royal Decrees issued by the Monarch. The Monarch reserves the right to override or amend any actions made by the Tánaiste. The Tánaiste may not be a minor. Should no Tánaiste be appointed before the end of the reign of the High Queen, the Oireachtas shall automatically be called into session and elect a new Monarch for Dún Gail Dara.


3b. The reign of the High Queen ends upon her death or abdication. Should she have been absent or shown no signs of life for more than ninety days, it shall be deemed that she has abdicated. The Tánaiste will then become the new Monarch, or if there be no Tánaiste, the Oireachtas shall be called into session and elect a new Monarch.


4. The Monarch shall be responsible for summoning, overseeing, and dissolving the Oireachtas. Furthermore, the Monarch must approve all bills passed by the Oireachtas in order for the said bills to become law. The right to counsel, encourage, and warn, as well as all residual powers are also vested in the Monarch."


Article 5

Part IV of the Royal Constitution is amended to read:


"The Judicial Powers of Dún Gail Dara are granted the Law Courts of Stormark. This includes the power of review over laws and decrees that are unconstitutional or enacted or decreed unconstitutionally. However, laws and decrees may only be overturned by the Law Courts in those cases where unconstitutionality can be proven."


Article 6

This Act may be cited as the "Royal Constitution (amendment) Act of Ao. IV"

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