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The High Realm of Stormark
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Lady Gudrun

The Public Register of Sim-IDs

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Sim-ID(s) created and maintained by Patricianss of Stormark:

Lady Aoife the Celt:

Bjórölla Hallgeirrsdóttir

Calamidad Carrillo

Lady Gudrid of Ettlingar Freyu

High King Harald


Wenche Gulbrandsdóttir

Yumi Zotrasdóttir

Sir Polten of Yperpen:

Danny Qvist

Lady Unna of Skálavík:


Lady Astrid Sólareyjarsdóttir:

Ærndís Sólareyjarsdóttir

Storjarla Æsileif Haraldsdóttir

Vilhjalm Kormak of the House of Nidaros:

Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion

Ragnar Brunketilsson:

Maria Godefroy

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