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The High Realm of Stormark
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Carl Magnus Bernadotte

State Visit of the Grand Ducal Family

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His Royal Majesty welcomes the proposed visit by Your Grand Ducal Highness, and offers yourself, and your entire entourage, accomodations at Treisen Palace, with a state guard of honor.


We welcome your arrival, and offer full and free ability to tour our great realm.

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*The guards stood silently, their banners fluttering gently in the singular breeze which had caught on. Many eyes were fixed on the vast entity of moving carriages and men marching up to the rendezvous point. One of the carriages, bedecked in deepest blues and blazing golds held the Grand Duke of Riskai-Nidarosia.


"Methinks Treisenburg is a country of great significance to Our Faith. Tell me, what be the base statistics of this nation?", the Grand Duke sniffed, thirsting for the clean cool air of the fields.


A Bishop from the Ducal entourage turned to the Duke.


"Your Grand Ducal Highness, the Country of Treisenburg is primarily a theocratic kingdom, run by a Pope-King and heads the Catholic Faith of Stormark. His Most Catholic Majesty, King Camillus I is head of state and of government and he is married to Her Most Serene Majesty, Queen Aoife."


"Oh ! Aoife ! They have a union of marriage ? Gosh, We had forgotten." The Grand Duke pushed open the crushed velvet curtain ever so slightly to observe the oncoming columns of the guard of honour.


HALT ! A shout rent the air.


"In the name of His Majesty's Government, I demand that you state your name and business." A young Colonel was bellowing at the top of his voice, sat astride a vast stallion of the deepest shade of mahogany."


The soldiers of the Grand Ducal entourage had formed a line of defense, with rifle raised, but they suddenly parted.


A figure, wearing the uniform of the Colonel in Chief of the Knights of the Blessed Virgin and the Sabre of the Defense of the Faith came cantering forward and stopped.


"We are the Grand Duke and Prince of Riskai-Nidarosia. Who are you?"


The Colonel shifted uneasily in his seat.


"I am the Colonel of Your Grand Ducal Highnesses escort. With Your permission, we will leave for the City of Treisen and for the Court of the King."


The Grand Duke turned his horse to return to the carriage he had originally inhabited. He turned his body only slightly to give the order to march on. The entire entourage moved simulatneously, towards the City of Light.


The State Visit of the Grand Duke had begun.

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*The King stood, bent over the grand map of the Realm, with officers standing near, pointing and directing the various metal figures in the shape of various military units.*


"Good work, Colonel. I trust the manouvers will be ready for tommorow?"


A middle-aged infantry colonel turned to the King, his chest brimming with the various decorations of the Kingdom.


"Yes, Your Majesty. Most assuredly, our planned wargames shall the greatest yet seen in Treisenberg."


"Excellent," the Kind responded. "I hear a rumbling up the stairs. Is something a foot?"


His Royal Majesty's aide-de-camp entered the room, and saluted.


"Your Majesty! The state escort of his Grand Ducal Highness, Carl Magnus, is approaching the city gates, sir!"


The King revealed his pocket watch, with the picture of the queen greeting him as he observed the time.


"Ah, my dearest Carl Magnus always ensures a grand entrance. Let him in, and call out the Petrine Guards, and prepare our coutiers! A great friend has finally arrived."


Grenadiers rushed into the courtyard of Treisen Palace, lining the square, their uniforms cleaned and pressed, rifles at the ready, flags unfurled, columns formed and tight. The King was proud to see his hours of personal training had payed off, and hoped, His Grand Ducal Highness would notice as well.


"Hark! Cavalry at the gates!" A young lieutenant shouted.


The King, mounted upon his white stallion, turned about, and called out "Open the gates! Guards, at attention, order arms!"


The cries of various officers, sergeants, and attendants filled the air, as the gates opened.


The escort of the Grand Duke entered. The King glanced at the Drum Major, and the salute began. The King could see the carriage of Grand Duke, and quickly, peered his Royal Cousin.


"Riskai-Nidarosia has arrived," The King said quietly.

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A fanfare emitted from the glistening trumpeteers of the King of Treisenburg.


"Presenting His Grand Ducal Highness, The Prince-Duke of Riskai-Nidarosia" bellowed the Master of Ceremony.


The uniformed Prince clattered and jingled with the vast assortment of orders and medals out of the state coach. Atop his head was a feathered cavalry peak and he was clad in the black and gold uniform of the Field Marshal of the Pontifical Guard of Riskai Nidarosia. In one white gloved hand he held the marshalate baton of the Duke and the other was clasped firmly around his sabre.


"Guard of Honour, Presenting Arms to the Front - PRESENT ARMS !" shrieked a Sergeant Major.


The walls seemed to move as they were lined with the neatly ironed and elaborately clad uniforms of the Petrine Guard. In movements of quick precision and skilled manoeveure, the Guard moved forward to create a corridor up to the King.


The Grand Duke clicked his fingers and a large golden casket was behind him as he slowly approached the King of Treisenburg.


"Our Ever Loving Cousin. Noble Treisenburg has done itself proud. Your Palace is quite beautiful ..."


"Indeed, The Lord has been most kind to Our Noble Family."


The Grand Duke opened the chest.


Inside was a brightly gleaming diamond star of a Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Brazen Bull. There also was the seal of the Lord High Chancellor.


"A token of Riskai-Nidarosia's esteem for having us here."


A multitude of other gifts followed, showered on the most senior of the Kings household. Several chests of golden coins from the Treasury of the Duke were placed at the Kings feet.


The King smiled.

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"You do us a great honor, Cousin. We am content to be filled with the wealth of the Lord. Yet, your gifts and honors move us beyond words. Rest assured these shall be used for the welfare of the poor and destitute in our Realm. We thank you for these magnificant symbols of the affection between our two nations, and we offer our own token of respect. Sergeant!"


Two grenadiers stepped forward with a polished, mahogany case, with another pair in tow with a chest. The King took the case.


"By the power of the Throne of Treisenberg, and the Church of Stormark, we award our beloved cousin the honor of Rex of the Supreme Order of the Trinity. Furthermore, we award you the honor of Senator of the Eternal Realm of Treisenberg."


The case was opened to reveal a grand golden necklace, elaborately decoreated, with a golden dove attached, rubies for eyes.


"And for your future family, and for yout realm, we present this gift as a sign of our love and protection. Especially for your beautiful fiancee, our most beloved Royal Cousin, Queen Astrid."


A chest was brought forward, filled with diamonds, coins, and jewlery.


The Grand Duke grinned with pride.


"And now, may we show you to your accomadations, and then, to a most humble dinner, you must be tired and hungry," said the King.


The Grand Duke nodded.


"It has been, indeed, a most taxing journey. Yet, we are happy to have made it. Let us walk, together."


The two rulers embraced, and walked forward.

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The Grand Duke and the King walked forward through labrythine marble corridors and richly decorated staterooms until they came upon The King's Private Chamber. A small luncheon had been arranged and the footman to the royal party left.


"So, Dearest Cousin, What thoughts have you on the marriage between myself and The Noble Lady Astrid?" asked the


The King stirred his tea gently.


"Whenever two people join in the sacrament of holy matrimony, it fills me with joy and wonder ... " he stopped mid sentence to sip from his china cup. "Especially when the two parties are of noble Nidaros."


The Grand Duke grinned.


"Indeed, it is most pleasant. Talking of spouses, where is Her Majesty ? Does the Queen not wish to speak with my party? I do hope my abrupt arrival has not jilted her. I did not bring Lady Astrid with me purely for reasons of virtue. Has she left ?"


The King replaced the cup to the mug.


"The Queen will be present later. Her Majesty is currently still being occupied by her time at the Summer Ball. She regrets that you had to leave."


The Grand Duke laughed.


"Yes, I must apologise to her for that. An old rivalry between myself and one Vilhelm von Benkern. He headed the rival army that marched against me in The War against the Eorltheod long ago. However, Vilhelm has made amends and he now sits in the Riskaian House of Lords and holds a Lieutenant-Colonel commission in the St George Fusiliers. Truly a changed man."


The King sniffed.


"Yes, The Lord does work through the unexpected to change lives."


The Grand Duke nodded in agreement and rose from his chair.


"I will depart from Your Majesty's luncheon to go and settle into my apartments. For dinner this evening, I will wear your kind gift with my dinner clothing and will send your kind gifts to the Lady Astrid by carriage straightaway."


The King rose and shook the Grand Dukes hand.


"Until dinner Royal Cousin."

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