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Letters Patent To Provide For The Elevation and Ennoblement of An Individual of High Chilvaric Virtue and Distinguishment Within The Domain of The Grand Duchy and The Apostolic Plateau


Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Sovereign Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does wish to reward faithful and dutiful members of the micronational world, regardless of creed, colour, background, lineage or other such identifying feature,


And Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Soveriegn Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does feel the necessity of making the value of certain members of society known to the wider world and the Great Empire of Stormark,


And Seeing Many Members of this Great Nation as people of great worth and the potential to extend the frontiers of this realm and her domains wherever they may be,


We, CARL MAGNUS III, Grand Duke of Riskai-Nidaros and Sovereign Prince of the Apostolic Plateau, King of the Westermarch, Lord High Chancellor and Supreme Commander of the Nidarosian Pontifical Army, Grand Magistasis of the Order of St Lazarus and St Eustace, Lord of the Eastermarch, Constable-in-Chief of the Armouries of the Mountains and Keeper of the Sacred Crown of Angels does by this Act Intituled, elevate fully to the Peerage of the Grand Duchy of Riskai-Nidarosia Polten to the rank of Viscount in the County of Algavani - with all ranks, styles, degrees and honours appertaining to the name.


We also do invest Viscount Polten with the rank and degrees of a KHSLE - Knight Healer Supreme of the Order of St Lazarus and St Eustace, KCBB - Commander of the Order of the Brazen Bulland and the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Knights of the Blessed Virgin in the Army. We fully enable the use of the final title within the realm of the Grand Duchy being thus -


Lieutenant Colonel The Viscount Polten of Algavani, KHSLE KCBB

Her Ladyship The Viscountess Polten of Algavani CBB


FOOTNOTES: On the marriage of Her Ladyship her spouse will immediately take the name, rank and style of 'Her Ladyship Viscountess Polten'. Any children born of this marriage (through adoption or otherwise) will bear the rank and title of 'The Rt Hon Lord Baron Polten or The Rt Hon Lady Baroness Polten'.


This is Our Will and Our Will is Law.


Signed by the hand of the Prince Duke of the Riskai-Nidarosia on this, the Twenty Ninth Day of July, Two Thousand and Eight


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