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The High Realm of Stormark
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Cashmaiel Andelarion

Order of Succession

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A decree


Let it be heard throughout the land that:


I. An order of succession is established.


II. The order is as follows:


1. Astrid of Valois

2. Bjarngeir Thorkellson of Nidaros-Volsdame

3. Magnus Camillus II


III. Whenever the Monarch dies or abdicates in accordance with Article 5, Section E, either voluntarily or automatically, a Lord Justice (whose decision can be appealed to the full bench of the Court) shall, upon petition from an interested party, declare the death or abdication valid and then declare who is the new monarch in accordance with the order of succession.


Signed by my hand in the Palace of Volsdame, this fifth day of July in the first year of my reign.




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