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Sad songs #2 - Losers (a)

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Sometimes things don't work out for you, and when they don't, you just sing the blues.

Here are two songs that are about people who are unhappy with their life. The first one is a song that I brought to you earlier in the karaoke bar. 'The locomotive breath' is about a man who lost everything and is now about to kill himself, not a cool decision but enforced to him by forces that are so much stronger than he is.


Here's a


and here are the lyrics


Here's some wikipedia info on Ian Anderson. You can make a lot of money singing the blues wink.gif



The other song is Metallica's "The Unforgiven". A story about a rebellious spirit forced in the straitjacket of all sorts of regulations.

Words and music on this website.


Enjoy dry.gif

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