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The High Realm of Stormark
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AMBASSY : Nidaros and Riskay

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I need some things like a flag.

Now you know why I asked the first Baldur tryout to be the kingdom of Nidaros.

That map can be used in here.

Punch it on a scrola background and to sticks like a schoolclass map and voila.

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I am just the "care taker" nothing else.

For things like a party one should consult the Ambassador when he or she arrives. wink.gif

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Ambassy entering and Greeting hall.


user posted image


*I spread the three "playable" Rooms out over diff posts.

Each post can later thus be used as Threadheader.*

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Handed the Prince the Key`s to the Ambassy.

"And with these my resignation as care taker for my job is done.

It pleaces me well to see you are pleased.

If the poss are given I will most curtainly attend the Ball." cheers.gif

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*The marble hall bustled with commotion and excitement. The air was electric with passion and the scents and fragrances of the perfumed revellers mingled with the murmur of polite speech. Gentlemen discussed the manner of the day, the government, religion, diplomacy and were attired in various military uniforms and white tie tailcoats. Their chests glittered with chivalric orders and medals and sashes of brilliantine colour hung from their shoulders. Ladies wore expensive gowns with silken gloves and many priceless tiaras donned the heads of the rich and famous.


Up in the gallery of the Great Hall, the Band of the Grand Ducal Orchestra took their seats, decked in all manner of military uniform and gold braid. The Conductor Sergeant of Music stood up and raised his elegant baton. All of a sudden, the orchestra burst into life, playing the Grand Ducal Anthem - 'God Save the Duke and the Realm'.


The music sauntered to a close, the final strings being plucked from the violinists and then, silence. The Master of Ceremonies stood up, and, placing himself at the bottom of the vast marble staircase, proceeded to announce the arrival of the Guests of Honour.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Pray Silence for Members of the Royal Family of Dun Grail Dara. Her Royal Highness, The Crown Princess of Dun Grail Dara and Her Serene Majesty, The Queen of Dun Grail Dara."


The two ladies stood at the top of the stairs, resplendent in white robes of silk and dark green robes, trimmed with ermine. The Queen of Dun Grail Dara wore an emerald tiara, her daughter opting for a charming silver circlet of sapphire. The two bowed to the audience and descended the staircase, to take their seats in the Grand Hall.


The music continued to play until it was finally cut short.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Pray Silence for His Most Catholic Majesty, The King of Treisenburg and the College of Cardinals."


The graceful figure of the Pope-King stood high and lofty on the staircase. Atop his head was a coronet of gold, and his robes were lacey and exquisite. In his hand, he carried a marshals baton and with that, he descended the staircase, to join with the members of the dancefloor.


The President of Woodstania followed, in a white tie ensemble, wearing only the State Order of Woodstania and the Papal Pin given to him the previous year. The Sangunese Royal Family entered in full traditional attire, vibrant and delicate colours - their mysticism and enchantment captivating the stiff-Germanic style of the Grand Duchy. The Imperial Family walked in, with their navy blue robes of state and vast quantities of brilliant jewellery, unparalleled anywhere in the ballroom. The Regent of Nidaros entered, wearing a modest yet beautiful mauve ballgown, her elegance unmatched and the Tiara of the Regent adorning her head.


Then he entered. The Prince of Nidaros and Grand Duke of the Apostolic Duchy stood the balcony overlooking the festivities. He was wearing the uniform of a General of the Apostolic Cavalry and wore for the very first time, the sash and star of the Order of the Brazen Bull. Cheers rose up and the waiters and other servants served ample champagnes and cocktails, followed by caviar, blini's and other delicacies.


"Your Imperial Majesty, Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. We, Carl Magnus III do declare this First Ball of Diplomacy open!" He waved to the crowds with his white gloved hands and then sat down upon the Ambassadorial Throne as the musical band kicked up a musical number.*

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I entered the Ballroom looking around at the additions that had been made here.

Had I in the past only seen such Ball`s from afar as non-Noble I had no idea about what and how was going to happen.


So I had "dragged" Timo Silasvö away from behinde his desk and calculations and made him escort me to the Ball.


The Maior domus announced me and stopped a moment .

"Storskeman Silasvö economy Minister of Saeominen.." I whispered in his ear.

evil1.gif I wanted and was verry tempted to add something to it but remembered my maners in time.. tongue.gif


The Maior Domus started a new.

"The Princess of Dún Gail Ætfrit and Storskeman Silasvö economy Minister of Saeominen."

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Together we entered the Ballroom.

"Minister? I asked her in a soft tone.

"Minister for Economics? ,you seem to know more than I do!?"


Looked at her ,redraped here cloack and gave her a fane showing her how to wave it elegantly and also how to straide rather than to walk.

Instructed her to whome she should bend and to whome just nod.

Also clearly warned her against shaking hands that`s a Male thing to do.

Showed her how to air-kiss holding her slender Shoulders I felt and saw something about her I never had known about her.


Took the tips of her Fingers in mine, lifted our hands a bit , and strode slowly towards some of the front seats.

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The Grand Duke rose from his throne and went down to meet with the guests, accompanied by his adjutants and aide-de-camps.


"Your Grand Ducal Highness, Allow me to introduce the Lady Baroness Elsbeth of the Province of Algavani ... , The Lord Marshal of the Privy Council, His Eminence The Cardinal Vicar of Hintergrad." The guest introductions continued to go on, the white gloved hand of the Grand Duke cradling a sword at his side and the other to shake the hands of the gentlemen at the Ball.


Seeing the Crown Princess of Dun Grail Dara with the Minister of Economics, the Grand Duke excused himself from the glittering formalities of the conversation and moved to the Queen of Dun Grail Dara.


"Royal Cousin, So glad you could come."


The Lady Aoife nodded curtly and politely, sipping her champagne from a crystal flute. He seated himself in the vacant throne next to her, and smoothed out his military uniform.


"Dearest Cousin, Our intentions are clear. We do not feel it acceptable for a member of the Royal Blood to be mingling in such a way with the commonfolk. It is unheard of and disgraceful. She should settle down with some suitable candidate for marriage ... not a Minister for Money Matters !!!"


He grumbled, his eyeglass falling out and his sash became furrowed.


Aoife turned to him and began to speak.

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I lifted my head to the grand Duke.

"Be still about people you do not know.

Be still about there birth about what you know nothing either.

Be polite to MY guests,this one from Saeominen came here unther the banner of friendship and trust expecting to be threatened as such.

Be still about my future wich I will shape as good as I see fit ,ofcourse in this heading my Ladies wishes the greatest priorety.

Never ever..interfear or try to intrude in my life withoud consulting me or my Lady first, do ..you..understand!?


I have no love in the sence of love for Storskeman Silasvö who ,by the way ,happens to be married verry marely and is the proud father of three son`s.

And who is the grandson of a Duke..." frusty.gif


Turned my head to my Lady.

"Beg youre forgiveness but this I had to do.

With youre permission we will take our leave in order to avoid a disturbance of this so beautyfull a evening." :

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"Four.." I whispered.

"And I am a Widower since four years.

And the Great Grandson of a King..

Even if youre acting was unwise I do thank you for interceding on my behalf."


I turned to the Grandduke.

"You hopefully do understand ,Sire ,that you leave me with no other choise than to inform the Emperor and that oure Goverment does not take kindly to those insulting here Citisan and ore Representatives.

Further that e.t consequenses are solly going on youre Acount."


Turned and followed Aetfrit

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