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The High Realm of Stormark
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Carl Magnus Bernadotte

Appointment to the High Commission

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To His Most Catholic Majesty, The Pope-King, His Family and His Loyal Subjects,


My Dearest Brother in Christ,


Seeing as of late, Our powers have clashed inexorably with each other, We, The Grand Duke and Prince of Riskai-Nidarosia do humbly request for matters of diplomacy and alliance, the installation of a permanent representative of Your Most Catholic Majesty within the Ambassadorial Walls of the Treisenburger Embassy.


Your representative within the Realm shall be entitled to the use of the style and dignity of 'His / Her Eminent Excellency, The High Commissioner of Stormark and Delegate to the Grand Ducal Court of Riskai-Nidarosia' and shall be admitted to the Court of the Justices of Appeal in the case of legal and inter-imperial national issues.


The titulary is non-hereditary and the appointment to the Commissionaire' is entirely at the demand of Your Most Catholic Majesty,


Furthermore, as a sign of Our Endearing Love and Admiration for Your Majesty, We bequeath to You and Your Successors The Marquessate of San Subito in the Grand Duchy of Riskai-Nidarosia and as a consequence, the right to sit in the House of Lords. We also abdicate our right and style of Pope of Nidaros and do enable Your Majesty to fully take on the responsibility of the spiritual burden of members of the nation. We ask that you take time to visit the Domain of Riskai-Nidarosia, and consecrate the Cathedral Citadel which has been recently refurbished for Your Majesty's pleasure.


Signed: His Grand Ducal Highness, The Prince Duke of Riskai-Nidarosia

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Your Holiness,


Despite our differences, we remain brother in Christ and and now, fellow Royals. I accept your request, and will appoint a commissioner as expediently as possible. Furthermore, I happily accept your gracious peerage, the spiritual responsibilites of Nidaros, and will visit your Realm as soon as I can to consecrate the Cathedral, celebrate the faith, and restore the good humor between our nations.

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