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The High Realm of Stormark

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An Act To Provide For An Armed Force of Troops To Defend the Sanctity of Sovereign, State and Faith


Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Sovereign Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does wish to defend what is rightfully felt as the true successor to the legitimacy of the Nidarosian Pontificate and of its assets and possesions, wherever they may be,


And Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Soveriegn Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does feel the necessity of continuing the spirit of the Pontificate into the workings and administration of the Grand Ducal Principality through the use of the divisions of the Papal Army of Nidaros,


And Seeing Our Most Sanctified and Inviolate Family as the Sole Heir of that Self-Same Possesion,


We, CARL MAGNUS III, Grand Duke of Riskai-Nidaros and Sovereign Prince of the Apostolic Plateau, King of the Westermarch, Lord High Chancellor and Supreme Commander of the Nidarosian Pontifical Army, Grand Magistasis of the Order of St Lazarus and St Eustace, Lord of the Eastermarch, Constable-in-Chief of the Armouries of the Mountains and Keeper of the Sacred Crown of Angels does by this Act Intituled, establish the first Army of the Grand Duchy of Riskai Nidarosia to be used executively by the Grand Ducal Family when and where appropriate in the case of rebellion, war, state of emergency or other.


The Regiments Under The Jurisdiction of the Grand Duke include:


Holy Cross Grenadiers - Headed by a Colonel in Chief

The St. George Fusiliers - Headed by a Colonel in Chief

The Palatine Guard - Headed by the Grand Duke

The Knights of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary - Headed by the Archduke


The Rank Structure of the Army shall stand thus -


Royal General and Field Marshal of the Army


Royal General of the Army

General of the Army

Major General of the Army

Brigadier General of the Army



Lieutenant Colonel




Subordinate Lieutenant


This is Our Will and Our Will is Law.


Signed by the hand of the Prince Duke of the Riskai-Nidarosia on this, the Fifteenth Day of April, Two Thousand and Eight.

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