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The High Realm of Stormark
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An Act To Provide For A Parliament of Commoners and Peers of the Realm


Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Sovereign Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does wish to include and implement the opinions and requirements of the Stormarkian Empire, and the various other Sovereign communities within the vast Protectorate that the self same Empire holds,


And Whereas We, The Prince Duke of the Soveriegn Nation of Riskai-Nidarosia does feel the necessity of creating a coherent and concise system of ministry and administrative hierarchy,


And Seeing Many Members of this Great Nation as people of great worth and the potential to extend the frontiers of this realm and her domains wherever they may be,


We, CARL MAGNUS III, Grand Duke of Riskai-Nidaros and Sovereign Prince of the Apostolic Plateau, King of the Westermarch, Lord High Chancellor and Supreme Commander of the Nidarosian Pontifical Army, Grand Magistasis of the Order of St Lazarus and St Eustace, Lord of the Eastermarch, Constable-in-Chief of the Armouries of the Mountains and Keeper of the Sacred Crown of Angels does by this Act Intituled, establish the first and only legally binding Parliament of the Realm, to consist of a House of Commoners and a House of Peers who by the Grace of the Grand Duke will assist in the advisory committees of ruling the Realm of the Grand Duchy.


This is Our Will and Our Will is Law.


Signed by the hand of the Prince Duke of the Riskai-Nidarosia on this, the Fifteenth Day of April, Two Thousand and Eight.

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