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The High Realm of Stormark
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Decree: Order of the Rose

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A decree

Let it be heard throughout the land that:

WHEREAS it has in the past been the Royal Will and Pleasure to confer upon such amongst the loving Citizens of Nidaros as were find worthy of greater honour and precedence many and divers ranks, titles, degrees, dignities, and preferments, in rightful and proper recognition of the great and prodigious service so frequently rendered by the same subjects unto the Monarch, his heirs and successors, confiding thereby that said loving subjects will endeavour to perservere and remain constant in due loyalty and obedience the Monarch, his heirs and successors, constantly seeking to cause the Royal Will to be efficacious in all quarters and at all times, and ever preserving the Royal dignity, honour, and just prerogative;

AND WHEREAS We have thought it fit that the ranks, titles, degrees, dignities, and preferments hereinbefore mentioned should be supplemented by a further and greater rank, preceding all others prevailing amongst the Baronets, Knights, Esquires, and Gentlemen of the Kingdom of Nidaros, and possessing certain insignia, privileges, and precedences peculiar to those whom We may be pleased to raise to the same greater rank;

NOW THEREFORE KNOW YE that We, by right virtue of the Prerogative Royal in this respect, of especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, have been pleased for the current King, his heirs and successors, to command, ordain, and enjoin, and We do now by these Presents command, ordain, and enjoin, That there shall exist in the Kingdom of Nidaros an Order of Chivalry and Knighthood possessing in perpetuity a place superior to that of all other orders and degrees of Baronetage, Knightage, and Gentry, and the same Order of Chivalry shall bear the name of THE MOST NOBLE ORDER OF THE ROSE, and for it and its Members and Officers the motto of Folkets kærlighed, Nidaros' styrke.

The Sovereignty of the Order, that is to say, the exclusive privilege and prerogative of investing the loving Citizens of Nidaros and outlandish Royals with the titles, ensigns, dignities, and precedences of a Member or Officer of the Order, of degrading Members and Officers of the Order, and of establishing, modifying, and revoking the Statutes and Codes pertaining to the Order, shall be forever reserved to Us, Our heirs and successors.

The Members of the Order, who are to be known as Knights or Ladies Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Rose, shall at no time exceed five in number, save those outlandish Royals which We may be pleased to invest as Knights Companions or Ladies Companion, who shall be without limit in number, and when merited by occasions of proper grace, dignity, and solemnity, the Knights Companions, Ladies Companions, and Officers of the Order shall be costumed in a Cloak of crimson velvet lined with white silk, and a Cap of Estate of the same colour trimmed with ermine, the Sovereign, Knights Companions, and Ladies Companions bearing additionally upon their breast a Collar of gold comprising roses knotted to fleurs-de-lys, each of which is to be surrounded by the Circlet of the Order, and suspended from the Collar a badge depicting a Tudor Rose.

Signed by my hand, in the Royal Palace of Volsdame, in the City of Dronningskai, on the seventh day of April in the first year of King Audon's Reign.


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