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The High Realm of Stormark
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Carl Magnus Bernadotte

Pontifical Diplomatic Dossier - III

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Reconciliation of the Pontiff of Treisenburg


To The Royal Dynasties of Stormark, To Our Gracious Sons and Daughters of the True Nidarosian Church, and To Our Gracious Sovereign King Audon, Be All Blessing and Joy in Jesus Christ Our Lord, Greetings.


WHEREAS Our Formerly Blessed Brother in Christ, Camillus I of Treisen, Pope and King has ever since his entrance into Holy Orders has worked tirelessely to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus and His Holy Apostles;


WE NOW DECREE INFALLIBLY THAT Our Former Beloved Brother In Christ, Pope Camillus I has been found not guilty of breaking canonical law upon studying legal doctrine


AND WHEREAS it has come to the attention of the Nidarosian congregation that excommunicating a whole people was harsh in terms of value of Christian love,


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, Pope Magnus Camillus II, Pontiff of the The Most Holy Nidarosian Church, Inspector General of the Order of the Sacred Nails, Protector of the Order of the Sacred Veil, Lord High Minister of Nidaros, Commandant - General of the Papal Armies, Lord Commander of the Pontifical Brigade, Servant of the Altar of the Saints, Grand Arbiter of the Reliquary of Saint Magnus Camillus I, that We do by this Our Papal Bull of Reconcilation confer all ranks, degrees, styles, dignities, titles and honours that We may have removed from the Pontiff of Treisenburg and His administration and offer apologies.


This We do further by this Our Papal Bull of Reconciliation, affirm the legitimacy of Camillus' administration. We will confer the Title of 'Sanctified Brother of the Noble Cause' and a Peerage in the Hierarchy of the Church of Nidaros to those who do so. We Also Declare All Those In Communion with the Church of Treisenburg to be reconciled to Our Friendship upon acceptance of the legitimacy of such a regime.


In Nomine Patris, Et Filius, Et Spiritu Sanctae


Decree By Papal Proclamation at the Court of the Papacy of Nidaros at the Apostolic Palace in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eight.

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