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The High Realm of Stormark
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Carl Magnus Bernadotte

Pontifical Diplomatic Dossier - II

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Excommunication of the Pontiff of Treisenburg


To The Royal Dynasties of Stormark, To Our Gracious Sons and Daughters of the True Nidarosian Church, and To Our Gracious Sovereign King Audon, Be All Blessing and Joy in Jesus Christ Our Lord, Greetings.


WHEREASOur Formerly Blessed Brother in Christ, Camillus I of Treisen, Pope and King has ever since his entrance into Holy Orders has worked tirelessely to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus and His Holy Apostles;


WE NOW DECREE INFALLIBLY THAT Our Former Beloved Brother In Christ, Pope Camillus I has broken the sacred sacrament of holy chastity through marriage to the Gracious Lady Aoife and as such we must break all ties in Communion with King and Country of Treisenburg


AND WHEREAS it is Our Most Sanctified and Gracious Wish to rid the Empire of apostate lies and deciet and to uphold the True and Honourable Church of Christ as well as the foundations on which it was built,


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWNthat We, Pope Magnus Camillus II, Pontiff of the The Most Holy Nidarosian Church, Inspector General of the Order of the Sacred Nails, Protector of the Order of the Sacred Veil, Lord High Minister of Nidaros, Commandant - General of the Papal Armies, Lord Commander of the Pontifical Brigade, Servant of the Altar of the Saints, Grand Arbiter of the Reliquary of Saint Magnus Camillus I, that We do by this Our Papal Bull of Excommunication revoke all ranks, degrees, styles, dignities, titles and honours that We may have enacted upon the heretical Pontiff of Treisenburg and His evil administration


This We do further by this Our Papal Bull of Excommunication, dispense with the legitimacy of Camillus' administration and order any to purge the formerly lucid church of Treisenburg from discrepancy. Political enemies and others who strive and succeed this mission shall be given political asylum within the Duchy of Apostolis and shall enjoy the Title of 'Sanctified Brother of the Noble Cause' and a Peerage in the Hierarchy of the Church. We Also Declare All Those In Communion with the Church of Treisenburg to be excommunicated upon acceptance of the legitimacy of such a regime.


In Nomine Patris, Et Filius, Et Spiritu Sanctae


Decree By Papal Proclamation at the Court of the Papacy of Nidaros at the Apostolic Palace in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eight.

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Your Holiness,


In order to answer this most saddening of declarations, I must respond in three ways: one, legally and morally, two, ecumenically, and three, practically.


First, there is the issue of legality. Marriage is defined, according to the Canon Law of the Church of Stormark as follow:"The matrimonial covenant, by which two people establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses, has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament. It may be performed by any ordained cleric." My wife and I have willfully committed ourselves to a partnership for the whole of our lives, and did so neither with haste nor malice. Indeed, we share the love and respect that not only we would expect of each other, but of what the church and Christ Jesus would expect. as to the legality of the marriage of the clergy, I point you to Article Three, section 5 "The clergy may take part in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, provided it is lawfully done, and bear children." Cardinal Patreksson, an ordained and confirmed cleric, performed the marriage, in the sight of witnesses, and Almighty God. I refer you to Ad Ecclesiae et Orbis:


"This issue has plagued many a church and denomination for centuries: may a clergyperson engage in the same acts and institutions as the layperson. My answer is simple: Yes. A clergyperson is a human being, a being of needs and emotions. Thus, they must be satisfied with a close person, whether in sanctity or in association. Thus, the clergy may marry and have sexual intercourse, yet with the same exact rules as a layperson, plus the observation of his/her clerical obligations."


I have time and again stated that this church is based upon the idea that the eternal gift of love may be shared by all within the church, so long as it is proper. You point to the idea of chastity, and that I have violated such a principle. A good point, if it were true. as you can see, I courted my wife, respectfully and honestly, performed no acts which could be deemed promiscuous or lustful according to accepted Christian teaching, and affirmed my will to live with my darling Aofie as any good man can be expected to; I gave my word in the eyes of Treisenberg, Stormark, and God, and I cannot, and do not, in good conscience, violate my word.


Next, I move to the ecumenical issue of said excommunication. while I do believe that we are brothers in Christ, Your Holiness, your excommunication seems both hasty and harsh. Indeed, I released you from your immediate obligations in this church to serve those of the Church of Nidaros. I quote Christ "Judge not, lest ye be judged." I have not always agreed, privately, with your actions, teachings, and so on. There are times when I considered removing you from the church, for some of the things to which you held that I believed contrary to the principles by which I established the Church. I did not, for I believe your intentions are pure, and your heart is strong. The Holy Church of Nidaros is a separate entity from the Church of Stormark, and I cannot see the logic in excommunicating the member of another. Your excommunication deeply wounds me, due to our friendship; but, I believe that due to the legality of my marriage, the fact that ecumenically, the excommunication is not sound, and to the character which I have thus far shown, requires me to reject your excommunication, and ask for a reconciliation between us.


Finally, there comes the issue of practicality. The Church of Stormark was founded on the principles of love, compassion, and unity. It was not founded to propagate one or another view, but to welcome all views. If you would wish to revisit the practice of clerical marriage, I would be glad to present the matter before the church, and before the nation of Treisenberg (for it is not only the experts, but the common man who understands what is best for all). I will not allow the faithful of this great land to be split, to be divided, and to be cast aside at the whim of fighting popes. This is a church which does not excommunicate, it welcomes. Part of me is willing to say "If you don't like it, leave." But that is not Christ, that is not Christian, that is not what a sane, spiritual, and loving human being can say. I welcome your opinion, that is enough.


I love my wife, Your Holiness; if I had not believed that I did, I would not enter a sacrament which has been performed in the name of the Almighty, whom I serve as his humble servant on earth. For a time, I considered resigning from the church, and from my post as Pope of the Church of Stormark. Why? Because time has not allowed me to be with this great entity, because I struggled with life, because I struggled with God, because I wanted to be a great King, not a great Pope. But, this experience has caused me to affirm my commitment to the Church, to God, to my people, to my wife, and to myself. I will not resign at your request, I will not break the eternal bond which my wife and I now share, and I will not destroy what has existed for more days than I can count. And evil is not to be used in this situation; evil is a thing which greater than a squabble over weddings, it is an act which defies God, and defies the basic principles of human decency. I would never accuse you of this, and I ask you not to apply it myself, an imperfect, but well-meaning servant of the Lord. I have done nothing wrong in the eyes of the Church, of my nation, and of God (as much as a man can access the Him).


Marriage is the greatest act of love. It is the greatest manifestation of what the bond between two people can be. I cannot be against love, and I cannot go against my heart; Christ would not want such a thing.


I ask you, as a friend, as a brother in Christ, and as a human being, to withdraw this matter, and be my brother again. If you cannot, then I shall weep in my heartm that I have lost a great bond; but I will then I will attend to my office, sit upon my throne, pick up my pen, and begin again to rule this Church and my Realm to the best of my ability.


"Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me."

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Your Majesty,


Being Pontiff and married is quite simply out of the question ! Vows of chastity are not to be made purely because You believe you are doing right by what God wants.


Besides, what religion is Aoife ? Pagan ! Anathema from the Church !


I am not asking for Your resignation as King and Sovereign of Treisenburg. I am ask for you to revoke the title of Pope as (even by canonical real life law) no Pope can be married.

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The laws of the church clearly do not force upon the clergy a vow of chastity.


Aoife is an upstanding woman, of great character, and great humanity.If she is pagan, that is her choice; indeed, I never asked her faith, because that, too, is irrelevant. There is no prohibition against marrying anyone of any faith, within the church.


You are mixing macronational canonical law (which I would not disobey) with micronational canonical law, which is a clean slate; as with Stormark, itself, which is not Holland, or Denmark, or any Nordic or Viking nation, but a micronational entity in the spirit of certain laws, customs, and so on. And there have been real-world Christians and Catholics (as I am) who accept many teachings and policies of the church whole-heartedly here, as it is in this world.


If you wish clerical marriage to be as it is in real canonical law, then you are welcome to ban it in the Nidarosian Church. However, in the Church of Stormark, it stands. There is no question, and I feel, and am, in complete communion with this faith and Church.

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