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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Closure of the Althing Ceremony

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Closure of the Althing Ceremony


The members of the Althing enter the area.


The Sovereign enters the area where the Althing has been held, followed by the 2 assistants. Once all are in, the assistants re-close the rope perimeter.

The Sovereign moves to the center, followed by the assistants.




Hail Stormark! Hail the gods and wights who have honored us here by attending on our Althing!



We are here to close the Althing!


With wisdom has the Althing debated and decided matters of import, and has worked as ever for the betterment of our Sovereign Viking Empire.


We honor Tyr, God of the Thing! We thank you for gracing us with the calm and the wisdom to make decisions and avoiding discord!


We do hereby close this session of the Althing.



The members of the Althing then depart.


The Sovereign walks the perimeter, making the sign of the Thor's Hammer. The assistants follow, taking down the rope perimeter.

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