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The High Realm of Stormark
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HIM The Empress Asa

My Upcoming Resignation

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My friends,


I know this totally sucks, but I have come to the painful decision to retire completely from micronations.


Most of you are aware that I took over Hatay from my late husband. When this happened, we declared independence from the Grand Commonwealth, a move that the Shah of Babkha and the former Shah (Ardashir) supported. Well now they are finally deciding to pitch a fit about Hatay's sovereignty. It is obvious to me that they will not allow me to enjoy this hobby, and that they are taking things to a whole new level of seriousness - instead of just having fun. Babkha will continue to hound me, I fear, which will take away what fun I was having here. And if I am not going to have fun, then I need to be somewhere else.


I will be finishing up a few things with regards to promises and commitments made here and in Alexandria - and once those are completed, I will be saying goodbye. I've enjoyed my time here, but I am afraid that time is quickly coming to a close.

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