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The High Realm of Stormark
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Lady Gudrun

Nimatullahi Order and Marriage

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Same basic rules as for Islam.


Men can marry: Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, basically anyone who holds a monotheistic belief.


Women can only marry Muslim men, regardless of thought - be they Sunni, Shi'ah, or Sufi.


The reason for the disparity is that men are seen as the spiritual leaders of a home (this is true in most religions I know of) - so if a Sufi woman marries a non-Sufi man, her and her children will be subject to having their faith compromised. There are rare cases in which a woman can marry a non-Sufi man, granted that he promises in the contract not to try to persuade the wife or their children away from their religion.

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Your Most Imperial Majesty,


Have you ever seen/witnessed a Sufi woman marry a non-Sufi man? Has such a marriage ever occurred in your family as far as you know?

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