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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Military Lesson #7: Thoughts Hints and Tips

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Courtesy: Nathan of Natopia


in this lesson we will cover all the little miscellaneous bits of information regarding recwars.


know your enemy, read his orbat and see if he has a versatile force or if hes rigid. play on his strategic disadvantages, errors and perhaps lack of a troop type. the inability to adapt to circumstances is his worst enemy.


targets of oppotunity are worth taking, if a city is unguarded attack the airport and/or port.


always make back up plans, as they say no plans survive first contact with the enemy.


use the 24 hour rule as ruthlessly as u can, inflict heavy casualties.


when capturing a city dont hesitate to set up defensive positions in the city and use the facilities any way u can, be creative


raid where possible, post light but strategic damages ie water supplies, airports, etc


use special forces in small units of men, post movements as secret posts, use them all over the place to disrupt the enemy. if there is a city besieged use them to kill as many enemy officers as possible, use them for raiding too.


be creative with back story, try to put a little backstory into each post


never interrupt your enemy while he makes a mistake, old boney said that, its always true. if your enemy is in the middle of making a mistake wait til he has finished making his mistake before bringing your firepower to bear.


dont hesitate to massacre civilians if the enemy uses them to gather intel or if the enemy uses a civilian insurgency against you


gather lots of war trophies for the empire!


work together, flank your enemies with your allies

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