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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Military Lesson #5: Basic Strategy

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Courtesy: Nathan of Natopia


as we've already had a lesson on tactics this lesson will concern the big picture.


MEMA, multiple enemies, multiple allies. in other words a nice big war.

as we have learned in the last lesson organisation is important so i'll run you through a short campaign with four commanders on each side, the only comprehensive way to show an example of strategy is with graphics really.


user posted image



as you can see 3 of the blue commanders converge to attack the same enemy, enticing a second enemy in while the fourth ally manouvers to the flank of the second enemy. i want you to imagine what the next blue move is.


basically each commander knows what he has to do and what everyone else has to do and how theyre going to do it. creative thinking is one of the most important assets in a recwar, outwitting the enemy, using diversionary tactics and hitting them hard all the while working closely with your allies is the true art of recwar.


decide who should be the first enemy to be attacked, refer to their orbats and decide who is the most dangerous and devise a plan to take them out of the war as early as possible. recwar strategy is 50% teamwork and 50% creativity.

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