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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Military Lesson #3: Basic Tactics

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Courtesy: Nathan of Natopia


"Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances." – Sun Tzu

creative thinking is paramount.


the subject of tactics is enormous. theres no denying it and no way i can cover everything there is to know about it. but i will however cover some useful tactics that are of particular use.


first off do not confuse strategy with tactics, on the battlefield tactics are the way your troops attack, move and defend. strategy is the overall plan, which cities you attack, who you attack etc. we'll cover this a little later.


as a rule attack is the best defence, attacking your enemy with the element of surprize is even better. for example if i have 10000 paras and i wanted to attack an enemy position i would paradrop half on one side and half on the other. you now have your enemy caught in the cross fire of your forces.


defending is all about preperation, for each post when there is an enemy in striking distance prepare defences, if you are in a city set up defensive positions in buildings and artillery, if you have any, positioned so that all avenues of approach are covered. if your in the mountains dig in on high ground and cover your approaches.


here are a few tried and tested tactics and how to apply them.


blitzkreig. although the idea predates ww2 it is still as tactically sound today as it was then. use your air cover to knock out hardpoints for your ground forces, for example when you post an attack start with saying that your aircraft attacked defensive positions and vehicles and then that your tanks and infantry have attacked the punctured defenses. you might also consider shouting "hey ho lets go" to your troops


pincer movements. catching your enemy in a two pronged attack.

post your attack saying that you have divided your forces, one part of your forces engages the enemy while the other half is positions and attacks the enemy's flank. or you can co-operate with another commander to attack the same enemy from different sides, this will be covered later.


urban warfare. throughout history fighting in the streets has always been costly, just look at stalingrad in ww2. attacking a prepared enemy in a city is virtual suicide. instead stand off out of thier range and bombard the city with aircraft and artillery while setting up defensive positions with your other troops. you will have a better chance of success if the enemy is drawn out to face you rather than going into the city yourself. one highly succesful weapon in urban warfare is fire. use incendary ordinance and burn it to the ground


counterattack. after the enemy has attacked you you post your defending actions and attack in the same post. say your enemy has attacked your forces directly, you post your defending actions, losses etc then you flank your enemy with your fast units and attack him from behind.


raiding. using your troops to destroy a strategically important structure, airfield, port etc and then withdrawing. for example send in your fastest troops, apc's or ifv's, and blow holes in the runway and blow up the control tower of an airport of an enemy city. this works well when besieging the city as it prevents any possible re-enforcement.


ambushing. popping up and taking the enemy unawares. post a secret move and position a proportion of your troops between your main forces and the enemy, when the enemy attacks spring the ambush.


now read this wikipedia article, its usefulness cannot be under estimated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-Six_Strategies

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