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The High Realm of Stormark

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Fresh from her visit to the United Empire of Landingberg-Schoninreich, the Queen of Maloa arrived in Stormark today.


The tiny aircraft glittered in the frosty air, a large peacock feather motif on it's tail. Inside, the Queen of Maloa sat reading the Daily Peacock, Maloa's state-owned newspaper. "Queen attends Stormark wedding" screamed the headline. The Queen smiled and looked out of the window as she waited to make her way to The Varthing to greet the happy couple. The plane came to a halt and the stairs were set to the side of the aircraft. In a purple suit and matching feathered hat, the Queen descended the stairs and embraced Dame Gudrun who had come to meet her. "It is so good to see you!", said the Queen kissing Dame Gudrun on each cheek. A small girl presented the Queen with a small bouquet of flowers and in a whirl, the Queen was taken through arrivals and into her car, whisked off to the Imperial Country Club where she was to stay for the festivities.


At the Country Club, the Queen began to oversee the unpacking. Her ladies in waiting removed the gold lame gown that Queen Ema would wear to the wedding ceremony, the bright red and white sash of the Maloan Order of the Peacock and the bright and shimmering Queen Meseleni tiara. Here she was, the Queen of Maloa, settled in Stormark. As she looked out across the lakes, the Queen felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she looked at a portrait of Empress Asa, now on her way to married life with the Emperor. Marriage had eluded Queen Ema but she revelled in weddings and all the excitement they brought. She patted the two boxes, one blue velvet and one purple velvet, containing the gifts to the Stormarkian monarchs. "Now, how shall I spend my time here? I think I shall take a brief walk down to the bar and have a cup of Breakfast Tea. I hear it's rather special". And so she did....

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--- On board the Grand Duke's private jet.


As the Grand Duke enjoyed his glass of Catena Zapata wine and the talk with his sister Caroline, he saw they were approaching the airport.---


* Thank you for coming with me to the wedding.


** My pleasure. It should be a most delightful day.


* It will be. Weddings are so wonderful events to attend.


** You know what wedding I would like to attend to?


* Which one?


** Yours!


* Hah!, I don't know when that's going to happen. I spent so many years in the Church that I have become quite old to be thinking about marriage, don't you think?


** No I don't! 55 is a perfectly good age to get married.


* Alright alright! remember we are here to enjoy ourselves and pay our respects to the Emperor and his new Empress.


** I know. A toast: To a happy marriage for all people!


* Caroline... cut it!


** Ok.. a toast to Emperor Harald and Empress Asa, that they be granted a happy marriage!!


* I'll drink to that!


*** We'll be landing in 10 minutes.




--- Half an hour later, the Grand Duke and his sister Caroline are on their way to their hotel. Glad that they had finally arrived, the Grand Duke rests his eyes for a few minutes. ---

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