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The High Realm of Stormark
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Carl Magnus Bernadotte

Constitution of Treisenburg

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To His Holiness The Pope,




Concerning your ability at thinking about popular reform, In my humble position as a Pope in Exile, would it not be better for you to reform your own title and privileges appertaining to your role as both King and Pope ?


I suggest a strategy of amalgamation of the title of King into the title of Pope, with the latter being of a superior nature naturally.


As a consequence of such a revision of these laws, it would be necessary for a huge revision of the constitution of Treisenburg, leaving you the oppurtunity to form a Papal state, with Your Holiness as Head of the State, Government and Legislature, advised by the College of Cardinals.


Historically speaking, the roles of the clergy have never sat well when been mixed with that of Pope. This has only ever happened once (Henry I and IX of Britain, Cardinal-Duke of York). If you were to either appoint a King with a modified title to carry out the functions of a Monarch (His 'Catholic' Majesty, 'Apostolic' Majesty etc), the office of Pope would be restored. Alternatively, after extensive research into Your Holiness's encyclicals, you could make Tresinburg a theocratic state.




His Eminence The Cardinal of Thuringia (Pope in Exile)

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Your Eminence,


I have indeed considered the proposal which you speak; and for some time at that. However, as much as it may seem odd for a religous leader to lead a secular state, without some kind of amalgamation, I feel that the way the government of this kingdom stands is fine. This is why I have kept it so for a good amount of time.


I thank you for your well considered proposal.

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