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Marriage of His Catholic Majesty, Edgard II

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His Viking Majesty, Harald, the Generous Giver

Good people of Stormark,


His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Edgard II, Emperor of the Alexandrians, has decided to take as His wife Her Imperial Highness Marquise Iphigénie de Valois-Montorgveil, from the Holy Avarian Empire.


The official marriage ceremony will be conducted by His Reverend Excellency Monseigneur Maximillion-Constantin de Kazar-Tonnerre of Avaricum.


The official marriage ceremony will take place in the Saint-Landry Basilica, in the city of Castillon-Villeroy, Avaricum on the 6th day of February of the year 2007.


After the official marriage ceremony, there will be a grand dinner hosted by Their Imperial Majesties, the Emperor and Empress of Avaricum.



You are kindly invited at the following:

Avaricum Forum


Best regards,


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Your Excellency,


Thank you for the invitation. Please do convey My warmest congratulations and best wishes to Our Dear Brother Edgard. I will most certainly attend the wedding.

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Good Afternoon To You, My Gentle Friends,


What A MOST Beautiful Bride!!! . . .


She is Indeed Magnificently Radiant!!! . . .


My The Royal Couple be blessed with Much Happiness, Love, and Devotion . . .


Have A Most Splendiferous Afternoon . . . Forthwith . . .

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