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You must be able to free up some time during the holiday season. Time to catch up with your reading.


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about him.


Though I read most of his older books I'm not familiar with the Sandman comics.

Comics aren't commercialised over here and for the new books, I wait for them to be translated. I can enjoy the story in English but a lot of the author's expertise would be lost on me.


When Neil Gaiman mixes up some old nursery rhymes and then adds a lot of good old Humphrey Bogart then you get 'The case of the four and twenty blackbirds'. Read this very short story please. It may remind you of 'Who framed Roger Rabbit', but this was published in '84, long before the rabbit was invented.


There are more short stories on Neils website. For those who like the story, a quick internet search will give you more goodies.

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I am a story reader. I appreciate books for the tale they tell. This way, you read most books only once. As you know appreciation is very subjective. It's much like music. When you're in a party mood you want other music than when you're feeling blue.


I won't give you titles but a few directions:


Fantasy, good story, well told, humour. This is my favorite reading. Neil Gaiman, whom I told you about, is a master in this field. There is of course Tolkien. The Hobbit, just a short story, is a great tale.


When you just want fantasy, well told and (a lot of) humour then Terry Pratchett is your man. I will give a lecture on him later on. Absolute nonsense but great fun. The Luggage is one of my favorite characters.


Pratchett & Gaiman wrote "Good Omens" together. A MUST!!!


Good story, well told. Here we get to the crime stories and the thrillers. I was very impressed by Thomas Harris' Hannibal. It's very strange how tou get to accept the very evil dr Lecter as one of the good guys. I also like Umberto Eco's 'In the name of the Rose' though the religious history details sometimes are too much for me. The combinaton with a cultural background is very pleasant. Dan Brown's Da Vinci code is the perfect proof.


Well told: Just the perfect word art: poetry. Most of it is lost on most of us. (on me at least) But every now and then you will find a good poem. When you do, enjoy it and cherish it.



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