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The High Realm of Stormark
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HH The Sangkharaacha

The Sangkharaacha

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About The Sangkharaacha


His Holiness The Sangkharaacha is the spiritual leader of Stormarkian Buddhism and leader of the Haaeng Khaawng Laaek Temple. The Sangkharaacha lives at the Temple. He has his own flag, as does the Temple and his major role is to teach and take forward Buddhism into the world. The Sangkharaacha is addressed as "His Holiness". He also enters into dialogue with leaders of other faiths in order to learn and furthur personal knowledge which he can then pass on to those who follow the path of Buddha.


Personal Flag of His Holiness The Sangkharaacha


user posted image


The Flag of The Haaeng Khaawng Laaek Temple


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