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The High Realm of Stormark
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Petition to the Fimmtardómur

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May it please Your Lordships to be petitioned by the Office of the Attorney-General of Stormark to consider a question concerning Article 12 of the Viking Law that the Imperial Government of Stormark, which I, Acting Attorney-General of Stormark, represent, would like to be answered by Your Lordships.


May it also please Your Lordships to be provided with the said Article 12 of the Viking Law which states that "Every Stormarkian Citizen able to carry Viking age arms is obligated to participate or assist in National defense under such rules as are laid down by Statute."


May it therefore please Your Lordships to clarify whether or not it would be constitutional, under the High Laws of this Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, for the Althing of Stormark to enact a Statute containing provisions compelling the Citizens of Stormark to take part in a rec-war?


I thank Your Lordships for your time.


Respectfully submitted,


Sir Dagfinn Thorvaldson,

Acting Attorney-General of Stormark.

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