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The High Realm of Stormark
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Zatriarch Maximillideus

Blessing and Consecration of Marth Shmuni Church

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The new church of Marth Shmuni stands proud, ocuppying a pleasant little spot in Treisenburg. It commemorates the Syriac saint, Marth Shmuni.


*The Zatriarch himself, with two priests by his side, stands next to the altar inside the church, so new the paint of the frescoes is only just dry. The light shines in through the drum of the dome, and the consecration service of the altar begins*


Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.


Almighty God, Holy and Glorious, Who are Holy from eternity and dwell in the light to which no man can draw near.


Though Your glory and holiness fill the universe, yet You did not leave Your Godhead without ministers to sing Your praise. You were, therefore, pleased to create the heavenly hosts who glorify and worship Your Majesty. It is not because You were lacking in glory, but in order that they become exalted by Your glory.


By Your loving grace, You created the world and elected high priests and priests for Your service and Your glory.


You founded the tabernacle for Your dwelling and had it adorned with magnificent vessels, i.e., censers, patens, libation bowls, candlesticks, albs, stoles, cuffs and the rest of the Mosaic ministry according to Your command.


Even now, O Lord, we Your servants, who have been saved by the Cross of Your Only-begotten Son, beseech Your mercies to sanctify and bless these vestments (vessels) that have been offered unto You, at our hands, forthe service of Your altar.


Grant, O Lord, that they may be worthy of the honor of Your holy temple and the glory of Your worshiped and exalted Name. Accept, O Lord, these gifts and make a good remembrance to the faithful who offered them and to those who have shared and are sharing them.


We ask these favors by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, all the saints, and the orthodox fathers, O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One true God, forever. Amen.


*A priest makes the sign of the cross three times and says*

May these vestments (vessels), that have been dedicated for holy oblations and for the sacrifice of Your Mysteries, be consecrated, sealed and signed in the Name of the Father , amen; and of the Son , amen; and of the Living Holy Spirit for life eternal. Amen.


*The Zatriarch burns incense, waves the vestments (vessels) three times over the altar and says:*

Unto the glory, honor, adoration and the exaltation of the Holy and Consubstantial Trinity, and unto the tranquility and edification of the Holy Church of God.


*The priests repeat the above prayer three times*


*The red Ribbon is cut, and the church is now officially open*

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*Applause and cheering bursts from the crowd outside the church. The Pope, in full pontificals, aproaches and takes a stand on the steps of the Church.*


"We are honored today to have in our presence, a great defender of hid faith, the Zatriarch of Matbaa. We are overjoyed to see the opening of this church, and do hereby present this royal and papal proclamation that from today until eternity, that we shall do our utmost to protect this church, and all its worshipers, and shall be committed to the cause of religous freedom and Christian unity until the time Christ shall re-appear upon this earth to open the new age of paradise. May God, in His Holy Trinity, Bless this sacred ground."


*Give the Apostolic Blessing to the church, the ground, and the gathering. He greets His Holiness the Zatriarch, and leads him back to the Papal palace for a grand feast of celebration and thanks.*

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Good Morning To You, Your Holinesss,


What An Absolutely Magnificent Service, Your Holiness!!! . . .


We are Most Indebted to You for Your Divine Commitment to all who come into contact with You . . .


Your Marvelous Works are Truly Special, and we shall revere Your Holy Name Always . . .


Have A Most Blessed Morning . . . Forthwith . . .

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