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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Imperial Naval Vessel Register

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The Ships of the Imperial Navy



Aircraft Carriers (Empress Asa-Class)


HKMS Gulathing (CVN1)


HKMS Frostathing (CVN2)


HKMS Eidsivathing (CVN3)


HKMS Borgarthing (CVN4)


HKMS Yrjar (CVN5)


HKMS Rogaland (CVN6)


HKMS Vaan Aujoen (CVN7)



Cruisers (Dagmar Espevik-Class)


HKMS Dagmar Espevik (CG1)


HKMS The Empress Asa (CG2)


HKMS Harald Fairhair (CG3)


HKMS Sigrid the Proud (CG4)


HKMS Canute the Great (CG5)


HKMS Harald Hardrada (CG6)


HKMS Magnus the Good (CG7)


HKMS Erik the Victorious (CG8)


HKMS Haakon Jarl (CG9)


HKMS Halfdan the Black (CG10)


HKMS Ragnar Lodbrok (CG11)


HKMS Björn Ironside (CG12)


HKMS Haakon the Good (CG13)


HKMS Harold Bluetooth (CG14)


HKMS Gorm the Old (CG15)


HKMS Hastein (CG16)


HKMS Höskuldr (CG17)


HKMS Dyri (CG18)


HKMS Egill Skallagrímsson (CG19)


HKMS Freydís Eríksdóttir (CG20)


HKMS Gardar Svavarsson (CG21)


HKMS Ingvar the Far-Travelled (CG22)


HKMS Ivar the Boneless (CG23)


HKMS Ivar Vidfamne (CG24)


HKMS Ingólfur Arnarson (CG25)


HKMS Ketil Flatnose (CG26)


HKMS Skagul Toste (CG27)


HKMS Vagn Akesson (CG28)



Destroyers (Holmestrand-Class)


HKMS Uppland (DDG1)


HKMS Akershus (DDG2)


HKMS Holmestrand (DDG3)


HKMS Buskerud (DDG4)


HKMS Troms (DDG5)


HKMS Kvaefjord (DDG6)


HKMS Ostfold (DDG7)


HKMS More og Romsdal (DDG8)


HKMS Aremark (DDG9)


HKMS Vestfold (DDG10)


HKMS Sør-Trøndelag (DDG11)


HKMS Røros (DDG12)


HKMS Rangárvallasýsla (DDG13)


HKMS Nordhur-Ísafjardharsýsla (DDG14)


HKMS Tingvoll (DDG15)


HKMS Skåne (DDG16)


HKMS Hälsingland (DDG17)


HKMS Eskiltuna (DDG18)


HKMS Storstrøm (DDG19)


HKMS Vestsjælland (DDG20)


HKMS Keflavík (DDG21)



Vopnabúr Ships Hekla-Class


HKMS Hekla (VS1)


HKMS Katla (VS2)


HKMS Kverkfjöll (VS3)


HKMS Eldfell (VS4)


HKMS Krafla (VS5)


HKMS Askja (VS6)


HKMS Herdubreid (VS7)



Amphibious Assault Ships (Beserker-Class)


HKMS Fornjotr (LHA1)


HKMS Logi (LHA2)


HKMS Kari (LHA3)





Submarines (Njord-Class)


HKMS Angeyja (SSN1)


HKMS Atla (SSN2)


HKMS Eistla (SSN3)


HKMS Eyrgjafa (SSN4)


HKMS Gjalp (SSN5)


HKMS Greip (SSN6)


HKMS Iarnsaxe (SSN7)




HKMS Ulfrun (SSN9)


HKMS Bylgja (SSN10)


HKMS Blodughadda (SSN11)


HKMS Drofn (SSN12)


HKMS Dufa (SSN13)


HKMS Kolga (SSN14)


HKMS Kinn (SSN15)


HKMS Kya (SSN16)


HKMS Kobben (SSN17)


HKMS Kunna (SSN18)


HKMS Kaura (SSN19)


HKMS Ula (SSN20)


HKMS Utsira (SSN21)


HKMS Utstein (SSN22)


HKMS Utvær (SSN23)


HKMS Uthaug (SSN24)


HKMS Sklinna (SSN25)


HKMS Skolpen (SSN26)


HKMS Stord (SSN27)


HKMS Sælen (SSN28)



Oiler/Tanker (Vanadis-Class)


HKMS Vanadis (AO1)


HKMS Gefn (AO2)


HKMS Syr (AO3)


HKMS Mardoll (AO4)


HKMS Eir (AO5)


HKMS Fulla (AO6)


HKMS Glum (AO7)

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Decommissioned Vessels:


Battleships (Liberator-Class)


HKMS Liberator (BBN1)


HKMS Scorpio (BBN2)


HKMS Endeavour (BBN4)


HKMS Sea Warrior (BBN5)


HKMS Resolution (BBN6)


HKMS Providence (BBN7)

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