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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Statement regarding Brian Capelle

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By Their Imperial Majesties,


A Statement and Proclamation


To all Our Well-Beloved Royals, Nobles and Knights, and all other Persons whatsoever to whom these Presents shall come, Greetings:


LET IT BE KNOWN that We, Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Sovereign Viking Emperor, and Asa, Empress Companion of Stormark do by this Our Imperial Instrument present, on behalf of the Viking Empire of Stormark, the following Statement of Concern:


With regards to a statement issued by Brian Capelle, Regent of Natopia on 23 June 2006 in the Natopian Forums, We have found reason to become very alarmed and insulted. In his statement, Brian Capelle used harsh profanity, and severely degraded the image of the Empire of the Alexandrians, a close ally to Stormark and in particular, Our Dearest Imperial Cousin, Emperor Edgard II of Alexandria.


Whereas Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress Asa of Stormark is also in title Titular Queen of Alexandria, we feel it is Our Imperial Duty and Rightful Obligation to express Our outrage at these comments.


Brian Capelle is Regent of Natopia, placing him in charge of the nation whenever the Emperor is absent. For this to be how he treats one of Natopia's longest-standing Treaty Partners is truly alarming. Maturity and decorum are called for when in such a position, not childish banter and harsh profanity.


We, the Emperor and Empress of Stormark, therefore respectfully and humbly request from Our Imperial Cousin, Emperor Nathan of Natopia, some manner of clarification regarding the comments made by His Regent. While We do not wish for such an incident to soil our relationship which has stood for so long, We are sincerely disturbed by the actions of someone who resides in such a high position within the Government of Natopia.




Given at Our Hall in Haraldsborg, in Our Thanedom of Gulathing, under Our Hand and the Great Seal of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire on the Fifth Day of the Month Himinbjorg in the Fifth Year of the Second Viking Age.


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Harald Torsten I den Givmilde, genom Vikingalagarnas Nåd Enväldig Vikingakejsare av Vikingakejsardömet Stormark, och genom andra Höga Lagars Nåd Kung av Sina andra Riken och Kolonier.


Åsa, genom Vår Enväldigaste Herre Vikingakejsarens Nåd och Ädelmod, Ledsagande Kejsarinna av Stormark, Kejserlig Prinsessa av Inis Meáin, Hertiginna av Vaanöarna, Grevinna av Haldarsvik.

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