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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Bears in Norse Mythology

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Surprisingly, there is little reference to bears in Norse myth.


In fact, the berserkr is about the only Norse reference I can think of.


From the Wikipedia berserker article:


The term berserker comes from Old Norse berserkr (plural berserkir), meaning literally "bear skin" or "bare skin", alluding either to wearing the "skin" of a bear, i.e. to be bear-like in rage and strength, usually in battle, or to the habit of berserkers going into battle unarmoured, or often, completely naked. Some berserks also took names with björn in them in reference to a bear.

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Good Morning To You, Crown Prince Thorfinn,


How Absolutely Magnificent that You have given us this Fabulous Resource about Bears in Norse Mythology!!! . . .


This is Truly Fabulous - Thank You So Very Much!!! . . .


Have A Most Splendiferous Morning . . . Forthwith . . .

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