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The High Realm of Stormark
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Galinn Karisson

First Anniversary of the United Church of Stormark

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*The Pope appears on the Apostolic Balcony at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul*


*A crowd of thousands gathers, clapping, cheering, chanting "Long Live the Pope!"*


All praise be to Jesus Christ! My brothers and sisters, my holy flock: today, we embark upon a new era in Christ! One year ago, this Holy Church stood alone, gasping for air; today, it is gliding like a gentle dove, and soon it will soar like a great eagle! We have be humbled, and honored, to be your shepherd, to be your Pontiff! We have learned much, and will continue to learn. But this is not only a day for us; this is a day for our Church! We commemorate its founding, its existence, its future. We, as a church, as a community, gather here today to pray for it, to honor it, to glorify it as a tool by which our Lord Jesus Christ may bring salvation upon His people. Look at yourselves; you are now helping the risen Christ. Keep that in your hearts! Keep his message, his teachings, his life, death, and resurrection in your hearts, so that peace, justice, and freedom may prevail in all parts of the earth. And please, continue to hope! Hope is the glue that keeps us together; hope is the catalyst for change; hope is what strives to be higher and holier than a simple person!


So, go out from this square, celebrate our election, celebrate the church, and above all, celebrate Christ!!!!


And I impart upon you our Apostolic Blessing, (makes the Apostolic Blessing) In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Go with God, go in peace to love and serve the Lord!


*All Chant Thanks Be To God*


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Congratulations on the First Anniversary of the United Church of Stormark, Your Holiness!! May the United Church of Stormark celebrate many, many more. thumbsup.gif

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Good Afternoon To You, Your Holiness,


Congratulations on the Church of Stormark Achieving its One Year Anniversary!!! . . .


That is Indeed So Very Special!!! . . .


And we are So Very Honoured to have You as Our Spiritual Advisor!!! . . .


May Our Church have many more Sacred Anniversaries!!! . . .


Have a most thoughtful afternoon . . . forthwith . . .

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