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The High Realm of Stormark
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Rules and Regulations

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Ministry of Military Affairs Rules and Regulations Ministry of Military Affairs of Stormark


We are all Vikings so al of us are warriors in their own right...there is no strict seperation between civilians and the military in Stormark.


--HIM Harald Thorstein I, Sovereign Viking Emperor


The military forces of Stormark are open to all full citizens. To join either the Army of Stormark or Storfleet, contact HIH Viking Prince Thorfinn, the Minister of Military Affairs.


All new recruits start at the lowest rank, that of Hirdmann in the Army or Dreng in Storfleet. Promotions are given only by the Supreme Commander, His Imperial Majesty, Harald Thorstein I.


Honorary citizens, who have shown support and commitment to Stormark, may be approved for membership in the military by the Minister of Military Affairs.


Citizens who serve in the military of other nations, may join the military of Stormark. In the event of hostilities involving nations in which a member of the military of Stormark also holds military rank, the member may be requested to accept temporary Reserve status for the duration of the hostilities. For this reason, members of the military of Stormark must report all other micronational military ranks to the Minister of Military Affairs.

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