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High King Harald

Instrument of Regency

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Instrument of Regency

WHEREAS We are compelled by Our Imperial Duty to govern Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire with Wisdom and Due Diligence;

AND WHEREAS it has been a longly-held, but out of Imperial Duty nigh equally long suppressed Wish and Desire of Ours, to spend an extensive period of time in Vanaheim to enjoy the lustrous and loving company of Our Fulltrui, Sacred Queens and Lady Wives Divine - the Goddesses Frigga, Freyja and Idunn;

AND WHEREAS We have quite recently received an invitation from the Lady of the Hearth, the Lady of Life and Love, and the Apple-Maiden - enticing Us to join Them in Their lush World Divine of fertile fields, fresh forests and green meadows to enjoy Their hospitality for a much longer time then heretofore was usual and therein be bestowed upon boons, bounties and benefits beyond belief by Their Most Sacred Majesties through Their boundless generosity, unbridled love and infinite wisdom - which was so compelling that We simply could not resist it;

WHEREAS it is Our Imperial Duty to ensure that certain functions of the Imperial Government of Our High Realm may continue to be performed subsequent to Us crossing into Vanaheim, having travelled down the shimmering path of the covered bridge, thatched with glittering gold and adorned with precious stones, which is known simes times ancient beyond the memory of woman as Vanabrú.

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, by this Our Imperial Instrument, in the exercise of Our Most Ancient Prerogative Imperial, declare that:

Eins. Upon the coming into effect of this Our Imperial Instrument, there shall commence a Period of Regency shall commence in the Twenty-Six Jarldoms and the Government of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire shall therefore from that instance be conducted in Our Name and on Our Behalf by the able and willing adult person next entitled to succession to the Longships Throne who shall serve as Our Regent.

Tveir. It is hereby decreed by Us that the Period of Regency mentioned in the preceding Article of this Our Imperial Instrument shall be conducted in accordance with Article VI of the First Chapter of the High Law of the High Realm of Stormark as well as the Syvende Kapittel of the Law of Ettlingar Freyu.

Þrjár. We do hereby firmly and strictly charge, require and instruct Our Regent not to perform any act of government that cannot be unilaterally undone through the Process of Our Imperial Assent or Approval subsequent a simple vote of Our Imperial Conference at the Vanadísarhall or the Most Honourable Jarls of the High Realm in the Althing assembled.

Fjórir. It is hereby decreed by Us that the Period of Regency called for and instituted by this Our Imperial Instrument shall end upon Us declaring of Our Very Own Accord that We are fit, willing and able again to resume the Reins of Government.

Fimm. This Our Imperial Instrument shall come into effect immediately.

I djúpinu hár dit gívit oss glédina at átá, gilda o gárna dit innannemnda, órd fur órd, som lá.

So be it!!


Given at the Court of the Three Ladies Divine, since time immemorial situated at the Vanadísarhall on the holy island in the sacred river Fulltrui Flow known as Hnossa Isle which is seated within the bounds of the Imperial City of Haraldsborg in Our Jarldom of Gularike, on this Day of the Lady Sól, the Eleventh Day of the Month Bilskirnir in the Eighteenth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm.





Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur

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