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Lady Gudrun

Turbonegro Vs. Swedish Royal Family

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Turbonegro vocalist Hank von Helvete, writer of tunes that cover topics ranging from pizza to erections, put a spin on the raunchy joke made famous by the film The Aristocrats, all at the expense of the Swedish Royal Family. Turns out the Royal Fam caught wind of it, and they're furious (well, as furious as upper-crust Swedes can get), to the point where they may pursue legal action against Turbonegro for slander. Helvete, for one, isn't backing down from his joke. "We love the Swedes," said the Norwegian rocker, "but they simply deserve a better Royal Family. And we strongly question the fact that people like this have that much power in the year of 2005." Turbonegro are about to tour behind their second album, Party Animals (Burning Heart), since reuniting in 2002, starting with the US leg in Baltimore on October 7.

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Good Evening To You, My Gentle Friends,


Well, I don't know what the joke was, but it probably was in poor taste to use the Swedish Royal Family as the example . . .


Of course, raunchy jokes have been around for centuries ( quite literally, I am sure ), but it does not speak well to make any Royal Family Member included publicly in these types of things . . .


Still, I suppose this is another one of those extremely - shall we say, politely - items which are lacking in self-restraint . . .


It makes one wonder if people are just starved for attention, and must resort to character attacks as a way of getting recognition . . .


If that is the case, then this is certainly a poor way to go about it . . .


Have a most thoughtful evening . . . forthwith . . .

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