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Lovely Lady Day

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High King Harald, then a young chieftain known as Jarl Harald and living on an archipelago known as the Mysterious Isles, had a common-law relationship with the Lady Freyja who had taken up residence with him. They had met when the Lady of the Vanir, travelling over the world in disguise, knocked on the door of his retreat in the middle of the night seeking shelter against a storm. Later at that night she visited Jarl Harald's bedroom, revealed who She really was and wanted to take him as a lover. Jarl Harald initially was a bit reluctant about that, for Freyja is a Goddess and one of his very distant ancestors, but the Lady Divine playfully managed to persuade him. They became lovers and she stayed with him for some time living like husband and wife.

Their common-law relationship was one of the best and most happy times of the Lady Freyja's life. She, however, after a year and one day, decided to return to Vanaheim. Before the Lady Freyja departed she, out of gratitude and genuine love, promised Jarl Harald that she would make him a ruler over a great land beyond the seas.


People of Stormark and the Borders Beyond!

Pray be adviced that today is Lovely Lady Day, which is an Ancient Customary National Holiday that been observed since time immemorial, and on this very day the People of the Land of the Three Ladies Divine celebrate the aforesaid encounter between High King Harald and the Lady Freyja during the Days of the Old Tale which led to the Foundation of Stormark!

Let us rejoice and celebrate Lovely Lady Day, People of the Land of the Three Sacred Falcons, and do what we Stormarkers always do: enjoy life and have fun!

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