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Aoife the Celt

Results of the High Justiciar's Election for Sokkvabekk 16 Term

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

All of me has the honour and pleasure to declare, under Article 8 of the First Part of the High Justiciar Act of Year 11, that the results of the High Justiciar's Election for the Sokkvabekk 16 Term are as follows:

Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís has, as the only Patrician of Stormark standing for election, by default been elected High Justiciar for the Term of Office commencing on the First Day of the Month Sokkvabekk in the Sixteenth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of the High Realm.

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Congratulations, Lady Unna!

I have, in my capacity as High Justiciar, been sent this letter by the Shirerithian government, which I have the honour to relay to you:




A Letter of Congratulations


The Viscount Myn, Acting Steward of the Imperial Republic


Her Royal Highness Lady Unna of Skálavík, High Justiciar Elect of Stormark

Lady High Justiciar Elect

Congratulations on securing the election to be the next High Justiciar of Stormark

In the name of Our Lord the Radiant Sun, AYREON THE FOURTH, Kaiser of Shireroth, Prince of Hvalafell, etc., it is my duty to convey to you the blessings of the Radiant Sun upon beginning your third installation as High Justiciar of the Realm of Stormark. Although you have been reelected to the post many times, this election marks the third time you will be installed as High Justiciar following the resignation or, in the tragic case late Prince-Kaiser Jonathan Ayreon (III), the evil assassination, of the incumbent.

The Kaiser’s Government hopes that under your leadership over Stormark’s executive council, the relations between Stormark and Shireroth will continue to remain friendly and cooperative on all matters of mutual concern. The Kaiser’s government will do its part in securing its part in maintaining the relations thus.

Shireroth and Stormark share borders, both territorial and maritime, in a number of places around the world. It is important that our two governments maintain the peace and delineation of our borders so to protect one another from all evils. Shireroth follows dutifully the Treaty of Sula Sgeir, signed by your predecessor Lord Galinn and my predecessor, Steward Daniel Kalirion, the grandfather of the grandfather of Kaiser Ayreon IV, in 1543.

Rest assured, Lady High Justiciar Elect, that the Shirerithian government regards the Treaty of Sula Sgeir as a guarantor of stability between our empires, for the benefit of the world, especially now that the Alexandrian empire has to the shock and horror of the world fallen.

Please accept, Lady High Justiciar, the assurances of my highest consideation,


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