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The High Realm of Stormark
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Record Number of Cruise Ships to Eesdeheito

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The Queen Isolde


A record number of cruise ships are expected in Ulfrvik this summer, according to Eesdeheito's Department of Tourism. On the 15th of May, the Queen Isolde will arrive in Tudrilhöfn harbor with close to 3,000 passengers onboard. This marks the beginning of a five-month long cruise ship season. No less than 160 of them are expected this summer, surpassing last year’s record number of 133. That year, the ships brought 332,583 passengers to Eesdeheito, while this year, the number of passengers is expected to exceed 400,000. By comparison, roughly 6,3 million passengers are expected to travel to Eesdeheito by air this year.

Sigyn Kjallakursdóttir, tourism director at Eastern Heath Harbours, does not believe the list of cruise ships to get any longer this year, since most are booked one to three years in advance. According to Lady Sigyn, no ship has ever been turned away due to a lack of space, but the goal is to limit the number of passengers arriving to 9-10,000 a day to ensure the infrastructure can handle the multitude.

The largest number of ships is expected on August 31, or five of them. Most ships only stop from morning until evening. This year, two cruise ships are scheduled to sail to Klifvatr on the Eesdeheito's eastern coast, which will be the first time the town receives such vessels.

Among all tourists who traveled to Eesdeheito last year, Alexandrian citizens were the most numerous by far. Still, Natopians were the most numerous among those who arrived by sea, or 100,488, making up almost a third of those who sailed to Eesdeheito last year. Only a fifth of the sailing tourists came from Shireroth, or 63,241. They were closely followed by tourists from Constancia, who numbered 59,893.

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