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The High Realm of Stormark
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Vilhjálm Kormak

Statement on the Death of Empress Asara of Natopia

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The Imperial Government has received, with shock and despair, the news of the murdering of Her Most Bovic Majesty Asara, Empress of the Natopians. The Imperial Government condemns in the strongest possible ways this callous act, and calls upon the responsible to be brought to justice. The entire Storish nation is with its Natopian sister-nation in these terrible times. What Natopia endures, we feel, too. Our thoughts and our prayers focus on the plight of our Natopian siblings.


In the midst of this calamity, Adam Anushiruwân, thought to be responsible for the murder of Empress Asara, has taken refuge in Walstadt, and declared that principality independent of Natopia. This is a violation of Natopia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Stormark condemns this act, and calls upon the authorities in Walstadt to respect Natopian law.


Stormark offers Natopia its full moral and logistical support in this matter. Whatever Natopia may need, Stormark, as a close friend and partner, will provide.



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