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The High Realm of Stormark
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House of Yastreb

[Minarboria] Notification of Naval Manoeuvres

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Winterfall 18th, 1341 AF

March 9th 2017

To the Most Mighty High King of Stormark, to His High Council, to the Priests and Priestsesses Divine and to the jolly common folk of the High Realm, the Shrubbery of the Lord Regent to Her Imperial Jolliness Empress Lyssansa sends greeting!

In deference to Article I.4 of the Treaty of the Two Sacred Trees, The High Realm of Stormark is politely informed that the principal naval fleets of the Empire of Minarboria, namely the Flounders and the Shrubmarine, will shortly be conducting manoeuvres in the vicinity of Sólareyjar and the Idunn Isles under the name Exercise Bragi. The exercise is intended to lay out procedures for the containment and eradication of anti-submarine capability in the increasingly-advanced bands of pirates which have plagued Eastern Keltia in recent times, who have the potential to discombobulate Minarboria's merchant submarine fleet for the first time.

While the Shrubbery has every confidence that in the event of sustained pirate aggression against Minarborian shipping in the area, the Imperial Navy of Stormark would stand ready to assist in honour of Riskai's unique association with the High Realm, Exercise Bragi has assumed an indisposition on the part of the High Realm for the purposes of cultivating Shrubly self-reliance in our naval forces. The Shrubbery extends its most rustling reassurances that this is in no way intended to denigrate the illustrious name of the Imperial Navy of Stormark, nor of the High Realm overall.

In deference to Article VI of the Treaty of the Two Sacred Trees, respect for the integrity of Storish territorial waters will be maintained at all times. The High Realm is invited to deploy monitoring vessels in the exercise areas, and to attach an observer to the exercise assessment staff at the Idunnsborg Fortress, for the speedy assuagement of any concerns which may arise.

In Nautical Nicety,
Royana Dolordotch
Third State Arborist of the Empire of Minarboria

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