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The High Realm of Stormark
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House of Yastreb

[Minarboria] New Neighbours

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Springrise 29th, 1016 AF

April 18th 2016

From the Shrubbery of Her Imperial Jolliness Empress Lyssansa, greetings!

Under Article I.4 of the Treaty of the Two Sacred Trees, notice is hereby given to His Imperial and Royal Majesty's Storish Government that the entity known as the Empire of Sangun and South Cibola has been dissolved, and that its contituent realms have rallied under the banner of the Kingdom of Minarboria to form the Empire of Minarboria.

The Kingdom of Riskai and the Idunn Isles being among the territories concerned, it is my pleasure to inform His Majesty that Stormark and Minarboria now share modest land frontiers. Her Jolliness' Shrubbery trusts that this state of affairs can only represent an improvement in Storish/Minarborian relations.

Your waving neighbour on terra firma,
Royana Dolordotch
Third State Arborist of the Empire of Minarboria

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