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The High Realm of Stormark
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Philippe Rodier

[Alexandria] Presentation of Credentials

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Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, Your Excellency,


I'm Philippe Rodier and I have the honour and pleasure to present to you my credentials as Ambassador to the High Realm of Stormark.

The Lands of the Longships Throne is a key ally with whom Alexandria goes back a very long time and has a very strong relationship with and during my Ambassadorial tenure I will do anything within my power to strengthen and expand that relationship.


Kind regards,

Philippe Rodier.

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The Hall of Njord

House of His Imperial and Royal Majesty's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By Her High Holiness the Lady Warden to the Outland

A Note of Response

Your Excellency,

A High Priestess wishes to convey her profound congratulations to you on your appointment to the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the High Realm of Stormark.

She is so very fortunate to be very well aware of your capabilities and therefore is of the mind that your Ambassadorship shall be a smashing success


The Lady Warden to the Outland wishes to advise you that a proposed Order in Council for the offcial acceptance of the Letter of Credence issued to you by the Emperor of the Alexandrians shall be laid before the High Council of the Realm and that you shall hear the decision of the aforesaid Imperial Conference at the Vanadísarhall regarding aforesaid matter within a couple of days.


Her High Holiness most cordially ends this diplomatic writing of hers with saying that the High Realm of Stormark cherishes its good relations and close ties with its Sister Realm as well as wishing it the best.








Dauðlegur Forn Siðr Dróttning Sigrdrífa the Priestess of the House of Vanadís, Ærkejarla of Thingeyri and the Idunn Isles, Yfirstormarksgythia and High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple, Lady Warden to the Outland.

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