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The High Realm of Stormark
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Lady Unna's Goodbye Address to the Althing

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The Lady High Justiciar, Her Royal Highness the Lady Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís, Bloodroyal and Ærkejarla of Freyja's Necklace, just before her Goodbye Address to the Althing.


Your Most Sacred Majesties, Lady Law Speaker, Honourable Jarls,


Pray be advised that I, having harkened back through the Chronicles and Annals of the Sribes Imperial at mine, at times quite turbulent, tenure as High Justiciar of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms, am overwhelmed by feelings of great satisfaction and profound thankfulness. Satisfaction for what we as a country have achieved, as well as the perils and challenges which were overcome by us in the past forty-eighth moonturns; and gratitude for the tremendous love and support you all have given me during those, sometimes trying, days past.


Allow me to say that acceptance four summers ago of, and continuance hitherto in, the office of High Justiciar of the Realm of Joy to which your suffrages have eight times called me, have been a uniform sacrifice of mine inclination to the opinion of duty and to a deference for what appeared to be your desire. I constantly hoped that it would have been much earlier in my power, consistently with motives which I was not at liberty to disregard, to retire to mine Jarldom of Freyja's Necklace.


Pray be advised that the strength of my inclination to do this, previous to the anterior High Justiciar's election, had even led to the preparation of an address to declare it to you; but mature reflection on the then perplexed and critical posture of the High Realm's affairs with the Outland, and the unanimous advice of certain individuals, mortal as well as Divine, who are entitled to mine trust and confidence, impelled me to abandon the notion aforesaid.


Permit me to say that I rejoice and celebrate that the State of the Affairs of the Lands of the Longships Throne, external as well as internal, no longer renders the pursuit of mine inclination incompatible with the sentiment of duty or propriety, and am persuaded, whatever partiality may be retained for mine services in the Imperial Storish Government, that, in the present circumstances of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms, none of you shall disapprove mine decision to retire from the office of High Justiciar of the High Realm of Stormark.


Pray be advised that I beg you, the Most Honourable Jarls of the High Realm in the Althing assembled, to give the new High Justiciar of Stormark, His Imperial Highness the Prince Mirza Jonathan Merlingsson of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, Jarl of Frostarike and the Lake District, Scion of the King of Kings, all the support and guidance he shall need with keeping the Twenty-Six Jarldoms on its righteous Vanic, Viking and Valtian course of upholding, protecting, and defending the most ancient Rights, Liberties and Free Customs of the People of the Realm of Joy in accordance with the vision of the Sacred Queens of Stormark.


Allow me to finish with saying that there are few mortals on Reikistjarna who have ever loved the High King, the Fulltrui and Sacred Queens, and the People of Stormark more than I do, and that I shall forever cherish the memories of mine tenure as High Justiciar of Lands of Longships Throne!


Fulltrui's Love, Stormark's Strength!

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