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The High Realm of Stormark
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Fra Havet, Hæder: Operation Wavy Highways

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The Thurisaz Squadron proudly sailing towards battle during the Circum-Raynor War.


As response to certain troubling events in the Sea of Storms and Captive Sea areas, and in accordance with similar actions by friends and allies, the Imperial Government of Stormark has deployed the Thurisaz Squadron to the aforesaid maritime areas in a mission named Operation Wavy Highways. The objective of the aforementioned naval operation is to aid in the deliverance of mariners and vessels in the Sea of Storms and the Captive Sea from rogue elements that claim to be Ergonian to ensure in the uninterrupted continuance of maritime activities in the aforesaid waters.


Commissioned an Asgard Calendar decade back in time, the Thurisaz Squadron is one of the most experienced and battle-hardened naval forces of the Imperial Storish Navy and Micras, taking part in many wars and conflicts and perilous naval operation like Operation Righteous Shield, the Alexandrian Civil War, and last, but not least, the Circum-Raynor War. In the latter war the Thurisaz Squadron earned itself eternal glory through its magnificent and jaw-droppingly impressive feats of arms, including, but not limited to, saving the proud Grand Commonwealth flagship the GCS Vanguard from destruction by the Riponian Navy, trapping and smashing a Lovelian Fleet, and safely escorting numerous troop transports to their destinations, brutally and savagely dealing with those who dared to assault them.


The Thurisaz Squadron is led by the very experienced Dame Myrgjöl the Mad Maiden, Rear Admiral in the Imperial Storish Navy and a senior member of the Grand Mysterious Sisterhood which is known since times beyond the memory of woman as the Daughters of Freyja, and veteran and heroine of innumerable wars and (naval) operations such as the Circum-Raynor War, Operation Righteous Shield, and the Battle of Myrkviðr. For her actions in the Battle of Myrkviðr Dame Myrgjöl the Mad Maiden was appointed to the Grand and Glorious Imperial Order of the Two Silver Longships, which is, together with the Most Beloved and Most Blessed Imperial Order of the Fulltrui, the highest order of chivalry of the High Realm of Stormark.

In accordance with the orders issued by the Lady High Justiciar, Her Royal Highness Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís, Bloodroyal and Jarla of Freyja's Necklace, the Thurisaz Squadron shall co-ordinate its actions with those of the (naval) forces of the Empire of the Alexandrians, the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation, and the Commonwealth of Hamland as well as such other (naval) forces of friendly countries which are willing to work with them.

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