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The High Realm of Stormark
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Sigrdrífa the Priestess

Fra Havet, Hæder: Thirteen Years of Stormark

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Húskarls of the Imperial Thingalid during the nightly torchlight parade in the Imperial City of Haraldsborg.


Today, in the middle of the a romantic summer night, the biggest party in the long and glorious history of the High Realm of Stormark commenced: Foundation Day of Year 14!


On Foundation Day, which is one of the Ancient Customary National Holidays of the Realm of Joy, the People of Stormark celebrate the signing the of the Pact of the Heartland, the historic treaty which ended the Conquest of the Heartland as well as the Age of Darkness, created the High Realm of Stormark, and commenced the Second Viking Age. In addition they also celebrate the ascension of Jarl Harald of Ettlingar Freyu becoming the High King of Stormark by ascending the Imperial Longships Throne, Him wedding the Three Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja, and Idunn, and the aforesaid Vanic Goddesses assuming the Sacred Queenship of Stormark.


With the Three Ladies Divine by His side and also backed by the Vanadís Regency - which is the inner circle of Stormark which keeps this Vanic, Viking and Valtian Nation on its righteous course - High King Harald turned out to be the most Supreme and most perfect mortal monarch the world has ever seen, and probably shall ever see, who always fought all the evil forces all His power and with all of His might, bringing peace and justice to all. The aforesaid was recognized when High King Harald won this year's FNORD for overall achievement.


High King Harald's monarchal High Road of Glory - and in consequence thereof Stormark's National Path - is littered with unique achievements such as the being the first country to reach the Micras South Pole, a victorious, undefeated military record, and the first - and at present only - nation that has acquired land on every continent on both the Light and Dark Side of Reikistjarna. Stormark also became and remained a globe-spanning empire where the sun never sets and which territorial holdings even dwarf those of Valtia.


Yes, the People of Stormark have a lot to celebrate and they eagerly did so. The beginning of the nation-wide festivities was signalled by the sounding of all ship horns, the ringing of all church and temple bells, and gun salutes at all major fortresses and on all gun-bearing naval vessels. Aforesaid pandemonium of sound lasted for thirteen minutes and was followed by torchlight parades accompanied by captivating music of lutes, pipes and drums that turned the streets of the innumerable towns, cities and villages of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms into thrilling magical cityscapes of musical mystery, joy and revelry.


No torchlight parade was more magical, musical and exhilarating than the procession on Hnossa Isle in the Imperial City of Haraldsborg, which was loudly cheered by its inhabitants who lining the streets and were all dressed in Bunad or other traditional garments. The procession was headed by the Three Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja, and Idunn who were seated on winged unicorns.


The aforesaid Vanic Goddesses were followed by the members of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu on horseback - including the High King foster daughter the little Storjarla Asara Sisu Dhury of the Houses of Waffel-Paine and the Descendants of Freyja who took part in her first major celebration - the Imperial Thingalid such as the Alexandrian Guard, the High King's Hird, the Húskarls, the Koppervatski, the Norman Knights, and the Valiant Vixens. This magnificent torchlight parade also included giant helium balloons, precision drill teams representing local communities, equestrian units, comical clowns, swashbuckling pirates and heart-pounding piper and drums bands playing ancient popular folk tunes.


Subsequent to the procession the members of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu and zir retainers retreated to the Hall of Hundred Hearths of the Vanadísarhall where they attended a banquet which was broadcast live on Stormarks Rikskringkasting the National Television Network. The viewers were very touched when they saw Lady Asara bring the Loyal Toast - an honour given to her by her foster father saying in a girly and very sweet voice "The High King, our Paramount Chieftain" as is the custom in the Imperial Jarldom of Gularike.


When the Imperial Banquet had finished, the members of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu left the Vandísarhall. They subsequently split up to pay surprise visits to the numerous feasts and events in the Haraldsborg Marka where locals where enjoying the fabled bounty of the Realm of Joy.

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