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The High Realm of Stormark
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[Vanadísarhall] The Cathedral of the Return of the Mother

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The Cathedral of the Return of the Mother

Today the construction of a Bovic House of Worship, to be known as the Cathedral of the Return of the Mother, has commenced on the premises of the Vanadísarhall, the enormous palatial complex which is the official residence of the High King of Stormark as well as the seat of the Imperial Storish Government.

The Cathedral of the Return of the Mother is built at the commission of the High King of Stormark to provide His foster daughter, the Storjarla Asara Sisu Dhury of the Houses of Waffel-Paine and the Descendants of Freyja, with an appropriate place to worship during the days of her fosterage at the Imperial Court at the Vanadísarhall in accordance with her birth and station.

Aforesaid cathedral, which is being built for the spiritual benefit of Her Imperial and Royal Highness the Imperial Chieftainess of the Vaan Aujoen as well as other local Bovics, will one of the largest Bovic church buildings in the Eparchy of Lyrica, second only to the Cathedral-Basilica of St Gustav the Fugitive. Its name refers to both the Lady Asara and her Lady Mother Sundara Dhury who died in child birth and of whom the little Lady Imperial and Royal is the reincarnation.

The Cathedral of the Return of the Mother will be mainly built of crystal. It was designed by the famous Storish Lady Architect Lady Ingibjörg de Béthune of the House of Ydermure who alreadyhas very succesfully carried out numerous prestigious and complex building and renovation projects for the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu and the Imperial Government of Stormark.

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This is a beautiful house for Bous! I know mommy loved Bous, and I love Bous too... I remember he once called me Taznim and gave me a stone tablet.

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His Dynastic Highness, Nathan II, Faro of Flaventia, Prince of Natopia, Storjarl of Stormark; with his younger sister Princess Clara, photographed as they entered the Cathedral of the Return of the Mother.

Sjurd took the Natopian Prince and Princess on a private pilgrimage to the Cathedral dedicated to the royal children's maternal grandmother. Nathan kept running ahead to check on things to see if they were 'as he remembered them,' which puzzled Sjurd as Nathan had never been to this cathedral before. Sjurd knew the miracle of Nathan's birth, the fact that he was a male child born to the reincarnation of Saint Taznim broke that cycle of reincarnation, and the fact that Asara lived through the birth earned her sainthood. Was it possible that Nathan possessed the memories of all previous incarnations of Saint Taznim? 

The Metrobosarch of Lyrica showed Nathan and Clara the notes that their mother, Saint Asara, left in the cathedral's guest book and explained to them how she would sit for hours in this cathedral and speak to Bous. Sjurd asked them if they could hear Bous too.

Nathan bowed his head and remained silent for a long time, "Right now, I only hear the silence." Clara shook her head vigorously and frowned.

Sjurd smiled, "That's fine. You are both the great-grandchildren of the Once-Living God, and direct descendants of Saint Taznim. You will hear Bous some day, but do not be afraid."

Clara smiled and took the Metrobosarch's hand and said, "Bous is a good friend."

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